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Ack we are flooding!

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Just went to feed and found myself almost knee deep in water between the shop and the barn! Both the pastures are flooded and the rain is continuing. There is a new river between the shop and the house, thankfully the house is up on a large foundation so we should be okay. Both the horses are in water in their stalls- but they are run-in stalls so they aren't *trapped.*
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Oh Mary Anne! Hope all stays well. Here's a little help from me:


Attempting to sing 'on key'

"Rain, Rain, go away....come again another day"

Hope the horses are okay...
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Send the rain this way!!!

I would love for it to be warm enough to rain!

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Oh no!!! :jarswim:

I hope the rain stops soon so the ground can soak up all that water!!! Do you have outside kitties? What will they do?

Hope everything is ok, including your house and that there is little to no damage done.
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With the exception of one feral, all the kitties are either in the house or on the porch. I don't know where Cleo is- he hangs out at the barn down the way (I think) so he should be fine. Of course with 13 cats in the house we have to have territory wars and Karma and the Ripster have already gotten into spats several times..
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That sounds terrible, I hope there's little or no damage too.

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That should make for an interesting night in your house! Hope all is OK. Feel free to send all that rain down this way...we need it!
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Gee Lorie thanks! Raining outside, and now raining in my post! Goodness is my monitor leaking?
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What is the weather like this morning??? Is it still raining???

:flower::daisy: :flower::flower::daisy::flower: :flower::flower::daisy:
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Wow, when it rains it pours eh? It hasn't let up here for a week.
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We could use some, too. I love the warm and dry weather, we've been having but, we need some rain. Don't want a repeat of last year's fires.

Hissy, maybe you need to get some little waterwings, for the kitties.
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Still raining here- God is crying
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Oh that is so sad. I'm sure he is for the Shuttle crew. It would just be nice of him to cry somewhere else, too.

Hope your home is still dry and not under any threat.
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Hissy, I am sorry to hear you are having so much rain there!!!! I hope it has stopped now and that everything is okay!
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Hissy what's the status of your place? Any damage? I hope the rain has at least stopped by now?! Are the outside kitties safe and dry?

Hope everything is alright. . .
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The rains have sort of stopped- we are getting intermittent storms. My poor horses- I had to feed them out in the open last night, because they were dryer on high pasture then they were in their stalls! Thank God we have the trees in the pasture they can get shelter under. It is really a mess over here, our Little Creek is not little at all, and the water now reaches to our neighbor's place!
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I am so glad to hear the rain is finally stopping!!!!!
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I had to laugh tonight. Mike was getting ready to go to bed and had the bed turned down and the pillows fluffed. He went in to take a shower and came out and there right in the middle of his sheets was a dripping wet Kabota! He had come in from outside and was soaked to the bone, and had gone in the cat door in the bedroom, and jumped up to snuggle on the electric blanket! I had to change all the sheets at almost midnight! He was so soaked!
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Yay! I just heard- no more rain for at least 6 days! How dry I am........almost!
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Poor Kabota!!!
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Well besides the wet sheets, that is great news! Hopefully the horses will dry out too and be able to return to their barn!
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That's proof that cats ARE intelligent.
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That's too funny! And..., I agree with Cindy, cats are VERY intelligent.
Every night, around 10pm, Whiskers rushes off to bed and tries to hog my side. I have to shoo her away because I'm not allowed sleeping close to her (allergy reasons) otherwise we'd sleep cuddled close! But she definately knows where to go to get cozy.

Glad to hear the rain is leaving your area for a while!
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Originally posted by Russian Blue
Send the rain this way!!!

I would love for it to be warm enough to rain!

Did you have to wish for that! We have had rain all night and now it is going to get cold and windy and very slippery and dangerous on the roads!
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