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Respirtory problem!

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I took Tara to the vet yesterday to have her eyes checked out.
I thought that maybe she had gotten into a fight with my other cat, Sunny, on Wednesday when I was at class & work. Her right eye was swollen shut! It was also runny, and when she tried to open her eye, it seemed like she was having a lot of trouble with doing so. I was afraid that her eye might have gotten scratched or infected.
Well, when my vet examined her, he told me that she had a respirtory problem in her eye. I forget what he called it. It started with a "C" & it was really long. He said that it varies from cat to cat, so he couldn't tell me how often she'll get it, or if she'll ever get it again. I have to give her eye drops three times a day for the next week to treat it.
Does anyone have any infromation on this? I've honestly never heard of a respirtory problem in a cat's eye before.
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The big long word with a "C" is Conjunctivitis.
It's basically the same thing as pink eye in a human.

I've never heard of a respitory problem in a cats eye either...but I do know that when a cat has an URI they ALMOST always have Conjunctivitis along with it.
So maybe he was just trying to say that she has a URI and it's affecting her eye.

My Gracie has the Feline Herpers Virus and when she has an outbreak that's one of my first clues, her little crossed eyes start to run and get really pink.... so the word Conjunctivitis is one I've heard more than once
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Conjunctivitis is very common in humans and cats. It's an infection of the eye. It can be triggered by anything from allergies to stress. Both of my kitties get it when the weather changes. I give them Lysine daily, so when I notice their eyes are runny, I up their dose to twice daily and it clears up in a couple of days.

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