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Why Does My Cat Love Me So Much? ...

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My kitten, Saki, is 6 months old. His Mom was Himalayan and we think his father was a tabby... therefore, he's a tabby with a smooshed face (very cute!). My question is this: Why does he love me so much? He comes to me ONLY. My husband will try to hold him, and he'll tolerate it, but if I'm in the room, he'll actually REACH for me like a baby! It's really odd. We'll be lying in the bed and Saki will come and join us, and my husband will cuddle him and pet him, but he'll automatically come snuggle up next to me and THEN start purring. Even if he's just sitting with me and he's petting him, he'll purr. But only when he's with me.

Why is that? Does he just like me? Or is it my scent? What is it? Our other two cats (Checkers & Spock) tend to like me more also, but not nearly as much as Saki.
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I think that some cats naturally just bond closer to one person. Bentley is like that. When we first got him, he was terrified of anyone that wasn't me. He ran away from Matt for quite a while. Now he is a lot better and will let Matt pet him but he is still MY boy. Actually all three of my boys like me more then Matt. But the princess likes Matt more then me. . . I have often wondered if for some reason male cats like females better and female cats like males better. Not sure if that would make any sense though.

If your husband is bothered by it, maybe have him take charge of giving Saki treats. Matt took over feeding Bent and giving him his treats and stuff and they get along a lot better now.
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Hmm, yeah that makes sense. David isn't really bothered by it, he just doesn't know why the cats don't like him! I've wondered too if it has something to do with the emotions we give off. David is a more negative person. He's always really tense, whereas I'm always happy-go-lucky. I've heard they can sense that.
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I'd definitely agree with the energy you are giving off. If David is always tense, they can sense that. Cats are very sensitive to our state of being.

I also had my fiancee start giving the cats treats when he wanted to be "more involved" and they loved that. My princess Merlynn even started to give him head butts instead of me for a while.
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In our house, I have "my" cats and John has "his" cats. I'm the one that feeds them, grooms them, and cleans their litter boxes and I'm with them all day... all John does is pet them and play with them, lol. But some of the cats are just more drawn to him and some are more drawn to me.
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Some cats are One Person Cats. They prefer to pour all their love on one person rather than spreading it around. James Bond took four years to fully accept Dear Husband, despite all his best efforts in the meantime. And even though he will relax in Dear Husband's arms now, I still get the "Teddy Bear" at bedtime.

Tenseness is something the cat picks up on, and in case it's them, they avoid such emotions. It makes them too nervous.
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My older cat, Mattie, does really seem to prefer my SO. He feeds her the wet food at night, but not always. He also gives her her medicine (including liquid antibiotics) and wipes her eye tears, but I clean her chin (she has acne). I do the litterbox, not that she notices. It's not that Mattie doesn't like me, it's that he can get her to purr much quicker. She's fine with me if he's not around though.
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My JJ was my cat he liked my hubby but no one but mum got the love my hubby got or still dose get home before me and JJ did not even get of the bed to say hi no meow nothin oh maby a tired blink if he was lucky I would get home an hour or 2 later and he was off the bed before you could park the car I think sometimes you get really lucky they just bond with you it's the best best feeling in the world I miss it
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Not sure why your kitten would be like that but..... I just want to see a photo of the cute little thing!!
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Just like people, cats have their preferences. In my house, Stan is my best guy and Bella is daddy's girl...we both feed them, etc. THis is just the way they roll...
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