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prayers please

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Well tomorrow my cat goes to the vet to had her blood cell level checked again. Last time her levels were at the low range of normal. Considering the day she had last Satruday I'm super nervous. I won't find out that information tomorrow, but I think they will be doing another kidney pannel. To check how her kidney function is. I know that she's 16 & isn't going to live forever, but please pray for us that every thing is ok. I've been very sad lately about this whole thing. Then again if you look at the little picture in the corner by my name, how could I not be sad. She's so cute.
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Your cat is in my prayers and thoughts! I hope all goes well.

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She is lovely --- more prayers are coming your way.
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Prayers and positive thoughts are on the way, and please post an update for us.
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i say a prayer ,allways
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Well, for now it's good news. My kitty went on Saturday & I just finaly got the last of the blood test results back. First we will start with kidney function her BUN was 44 the last time I was there this time it was 36. Her Creatinin (sp??) was 2.2 last time & this time it was 2.0 So both of those are slightly better. The next test (the one I was most worried about) was PCV (red blood cell count) once again was a little below normal the bottom of normal is 24% hers is 22%, but not low enough to do anything about. They also sent out a test for thyroid function because as two or three vets have now said she has all the sings of an over active thyroid. Happily all of those came back normal. So while she will never be better for now it's good news that her kidneys are still holding there own. The worst thing that happened on Saturday was that she pee'd on me. I was holding her waiting for the vet & since it was first thing in the morning she hadn't gone in a while & sure enough she got a little too enervous & well I had to go home & shower & change after. Thanks everyone for thier prayers!!!!1
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I'm glad your cat's test results showed some improvement this time!!
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Great news!! As they get older, every day that we have them with us with us is a special day.
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