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RIP kitty....

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Yesterday was a reaaaallly rough day.... and I need to write about it to just kind of get over it... so I'm an accountant for a concrete cutting company, I was back from my lunch break, and the two collections girls had gone for pizza. They come back and Jo came into our office area, "CARRIE, THERE WAS A CAT HIT ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD!" ... at first I thought she was just playing a mean joke (as unlike her as that would be, but she's not an animal person so I guess wouldn't understand how this would upset someone) so I kind of ignored her but she was carrying on about this little black kitten that was hit on the side of the road... so I looked up and was like, "WHY are you telling me this?", the other girl Ellen walked in (who is also a cat person) and said "Jo, I feel really sick" in a way that was like shut up already... Ellen and I are the kind of people that can't go into an animal shelter without leaving in tears, so I got up and went outside for a smoke to calm down because the way Jo was carrying on was really upsetting me.

So I go back into the office about 10 minutes later, and am trying to get some work done but I'm all shaking and near tears thinking about this kitten... Ellen says "Carrie, can you help me with something?" I look up and say sure, what's up, she asks me to come into her office and told me that the kitten was still alive when they drove by and it was trying to crawl up on the curb, and she wanted to go check on it because she couldn't stand the thought of it suffering.

So I say yeah, and we get a box and I grab a t-shirt I keep at work and we let our supervisor know what's up (who is also an animal person, so she understood), so we leave and we're driving down the street and see it... El pulls into a complex and I just don't even wait for her to stop, I jump out of her jeep and run full stop down the street in the middle of the ghetto, ellen's following behind me... I get to it and it was already very clearly gone... but I knelt down and moved it's little arm to try to feel for a heart beat and kind of freak out that he was still warm... I didn't feel anything... at this point I was in tears, I stood up and looked at ellen (she was still half way down the block) and shook my head and took a couple of steps back looking at the kitten, then knelt back down and wrapped it in my t-shirt and picked it up and put it in the box we brought, I just sat there and cried for a few minutes with Ellen... just such a mixture of emotions, I was so sad and angry that the person that hurt him didn't even stop, but also kind of at peace knowing that he didn't suffer for very long and that Ellen cared enough to say something and that we came back to know that he wasn't suffering... we brought him back to our office and had one of our maintenance guys bury him for us.

The whole thing still is really upsetting, but I just hope that if animals have souls, the tyke knows that someone cares about him and he'll always have a place in our hearts.
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The poor baby I'm so pleased that he was able to have a proper send off by you all

Play happily little one, your safe at the bridge now

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Rest In Peace, sweet baby.

Bless your heart for going and doing what you could for him.
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i´m so sorry for your loss... (I mean you have to see it!)...that´s awful...
RIP to this lovely sweet baby..
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RIP sweet black kitty, I am so sorry you had to go through this
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Oh No, I'm sorry you have had to deal with something like this. It must have been awful. RIP sweet kitty.
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Rest in Peace little Kitty.
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thanks all of you for your thoughts...

there's not many people that would understand, and, if anything, the ordeal has made me realize just how subjective the concept of rational and irrational behavior and/or emotion is
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RIP, precious kitty
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