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Strange Findings. Sickening Warning

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Hi. I have been MIA, I know. But I have been reading the posts...just been busy planning my wedding (Dec. 23) and trying to keep myself from going insane while my fiancee is away at US Marine Corps boot camp. ANYWAY....

I have been helping a friend of mine TNR about 15 cats in her neighborhood. We have only 3 to go...roughly 20 week old kittens. Two are torties, so they are females for sure. They have been tough to trap.

Just this morning, my friend leaves her house on her way to work and notices what looks like just bones of the back legs and perhaps hip bone of a cat. There was some blood and some fur (not attached to anything) resting on the bones. She has not noticed any stray dogs or other predatory animals around (but perhaps she just hasn't seen them). She has one neighbor who is very uncooperative with the other neighbors. She is the biggest problem with this colony. She basically contributed to the colony by letting one of her cats get pregnant and have a litter of kittens, which she basically just threw out into the neighborhood to roam freely. So my friend was thinking that maybe the bones were some kind of voodoo or brujeria.

Does anyone know of an animal that could do this? Lave bare bones, some blood and detached fur? She didn't notice any other bones, but she was freaked out so perhaps she just didn't see them.

I'm sorry to gross anyone out, but this is a little scary. Oh and we think that that kitty was most likely one of the tortie babies.

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Could it have been a fox? I know it's not likely but the fox might have attacked the kitty and torn part of it clean off and left some of it for later.
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Thanks for moving the post...sorry, I didn't know where to put it.

I don't know about a fox. I guess there are some here in Miami....so a fox could have done that? Wow. That's horrible. Poor thing....
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I've seen fox kills and they don't leave the fur laying on top of the bones! Usually when something attacks and leaves remains, it's scattered about the bones, not on them! The only other thing I can think of is maybe a dog uncovering a grave...but where would the blood have come from? Were the remains close to her house or say...on the side of the road?
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do you have large birds of prey around you? like a hawk? they could have done that
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They were found near the end of her driveway. Kind of half on her driveway, half on the sidewalk that goes in front of her house. Don't know about the large birds of prey, but I just asked her about the fox and bird and she said she lives right by an environmental center, so perhaps something came over...??? It's just strange that the fur was lying on it like that.

Hold on.... I'm getting a revised layout of the story. She's telling me that the bones were laying on the ground and that the fur (a patch of fur) was right next to them. hmmmm......it's a mystery.
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