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Question of the Day November 16

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What's the most random dream you have had recently?

The most random one I had was when our old cat was still alive. I dreamt that she got ran over by - wait for it - an RSPCA van, which didn't even stop!
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Guess I didn't get this up early enough! Sure, you cn be the honorary question of the day asker

I actually had a dream just the other night that my ex asked to get back together
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I had a dream last night that I went to Iraq to visit the US soldiers, but instead of soldiers I found a bunch of American teenagers (specifically high school cheerleaders) attempting to take over. Then it got weird when I walked up a set of stairs and an alarm went off, the alarm was playing the song "Eye of the Tiger".
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I dreamt that me and my fiance thought up a plan to watch this cat get ran over (No idea why, thats horrible), and people found out and got really angry and police were about to take us to jail. Then after that I remember I found a kitten and begged my mom if I could keep it o_O, Yeah, No idea.
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I once dreamt that there was a demon and he was adopted by humans and then there was another demon and ... yeah, I'm weird.
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I had a dream the other night, that I was petting my cat, and she was purring, only to find out she had sneaked, into our room and was purring on DH's pillow.
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I had a REALLY weird ones last night. I should REALLY stop watching Desperate HousevivesI had a dream that someone kidnapped Gabby (Eva Longoria) and i was trying to find her It was all kind of funny and random! I think it wound up being Bree that kidnapped her How funny I swear i only watch it once a week too!
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Well I'm a girl guide leader so I dreamed I was in the gym with the girls doing some craft project and suddenly the entire cast from highschool musical bursts in and starts singing and danceing and I start screaming at them that I have the Gym for another hour and they had to get out and then the girls started crying and all of a sudden they all disapear except for the musical people and I continue yelling at them until I wake up.

I'm thinking it shows I have hostility towards teen musicals.... what do you think?
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Hm... that I was camping in Saskatchewan, Canada and I got attacked by a sasquatch
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I had a dream about one of my clients, who I have only ever met once in my life. We were madly in love and all cuddly. It was actually nice..he is a cute guy..but weird that I would dream about him
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I had a dream that a girl I graduated high school died. I'm hoping she doesn't because that was the first time I've even thought about her in ages.
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Last night I dreamed that my husband was staying with his friends and everytime I'd come over he'd ignore me and do other stuff. I started crying saying I wasn't going to come over any more and he's was like fine I don't care. I think I had that dream because he's always going over to his buddies working on car stuff and I'm feeling like I don't have enough time with him. I told him about it today and he said "don't worry babe, we'll do something." He's said that before though and ignored me the whole weekend.
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Last night I had a dream that I won $210,000 and my boyfriend bought 2 of the exact same cars and spent $190,000 on them. He wanted 2 of the same cars but in different colours so that he could have the choice of what colour he wanted to drive that day. Then I got the last of the money and went shopping and then it was all gone.
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The other night, I was working as some sort of authority at a little grass airstrip in what I believe was a South American jungle. I was ushering some passengers out to a gorgeous Gulfstream when we got word that a formation of aircraft were approaching on radar. I hurried everyone back into the little tin-roofed "terminal" until the planes passed low overhead, and then we all trooped back out into the sunlight.

Suddenly, I realized that I was carrying Gary, my former boss, over my left shoulder! I looked at him and snapped, "Why am I carrying you?" and immediately put him down.

That part made sense, anyway: Gary's the one who betrayed me after 18 years and sent me on a downward spiral that I still haven't fully recovered from. So why the heck am I still "carrying him around?" My subconscious is telling me to dump that baggage...
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