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Daily Thread TGIF Nov 16th!

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Good moooooorning!! IT'S FRIDAY!

I am off to work today then to dinner and a movie with a friend Tomorrow I have a conference all day, then a potluck dinner at night..Sunday its off to the US for Christmas shopping!

Not a moment to myself this weekend Ah well, at least I'll be busy!

I hope you all have a good one too!
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Wow! That is busy!

I'm going to be pretty tame compared to that! Hopefully get the pictures hung in the house (still have not done that ).
Then tomorrow we're going out to purchase some of that cellphane stuff for the windows and thermal curtains. It gets cold in here at night.

Oh and definitely clean the litter box...I'm right next to it and
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Well, I'm up. Good morning everyone.

Unfortunately, my neck still hurts. But I woke up too late to be able to go to the doctor this morning. So it'll have to wait.
I am so tried of that pain. My neck has been bothering me all week and it seems like it will ruin my weekend too.

Ah well, at least it's Friday. Fridays at work always seem so long. Why can't I leave in the early afternoon like my boss does almost every day?
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Well, I do an end of week sum-up.

Sunday - realised that my tumble dry had totally had it because now the now won't close - had to buy a new one, will be delivered on Friday. Pilot Light won't work on boiler so no heating or hot water (luckily my shower is electric)

Monday/Tuesday - Work was awful. Some real idiots to train on these two days. Lexi's diarrheoa has gone. Spill candle wax on Carpet.

Wednesday - Much better day at work, with a different group of people to train. Best day of the week. Although I lost my voice (not good for training people)

Thursday - Car breaks down, needs a new battery. Have to drive 45 miles to work . Luckily my dad happens to be the manager of the store I'm training so I manage to get a lift with him - Just means that my working day goes from 8.30 - 6 to 8.30 til 9 (including travel) Come home and my mum has sorted my car Just owe her some cash now . Voice is starting to come back.

Friday - Have to wait in all day for the boiler people to come round and sort that. Also, tumble dryer will be delivered. House has no food, so will need to wait until SO gets back from work til I can go shopping. My son decided to sneak off and draw all over his face with a permanant marker pen.

I hope next week is better.

Edit: Woke up this morning at 6am beacuse my son was up. Found two lots of cat poop on the bathroom floor - Too tired to do litter tray last night although I did it in the morning (SO won't go near it) Lexi's diarrheoa is back. Also found I've only got one tin of wet food to share between Links and Lexi, so I have some noisy kittens on my hands.
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Originally Posted by marie-p View Post
Unfortunately, my neck still hurts. But I woke up too late to be able to go to the doctor this morning. So it'll have to wait.
I am so tried of that pain. My neck has been bothering me all week and it seems like it will ruin my weekend too.
I did 6 weeks of neck rehab several yrs ago after being in an auto accident.
When my neck act up I roll up a bath towel as tight as possible and stick it in my pillow case to give support to my neck. I also do a couple three days of my old neck exercises and that really helps. The best one is have your head looking straight ahead, keep shoulders down place your fingers (either hand) at the front your your chin and gently push your head back. (about 10 times) This was my 1st rehab exercise. I would do this laying in bed when I work up and in the shower and again about 10 minutes later and a couple more times before leaving for work. This gently stretched the muscles. Just dropping your head towards your chest (slowly) and back (open mouth when tipping your head back) helps as head rolls. All should be done slowly!!!

Anyhow snow flurries this morning nothing yet though.
Waiting for temps to rise and then will go outside for a bit perhaps this afternoon.

Making Neil take me out to dinner tonite and do a bit of Christmas shopping

Have a good friday!!
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
Good moooooorning!! IT'S FRIDAY!
Good morning to everyone! and happy friday to everyone!

Mary, I´m so sorry for your pain!...... feel better soon my friend!

The weather at my region is totally cloudy for this the activities for the weekend that going to be for the hometask...

well I hoper all have a nice weekend!
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Hey all, cold day here. Derek had a rough night so I got next to no sleep. Going back to the bank tomorrow to do more mortage stuff, other then that, not much on my agenda.

Hope you feel better soon Marie. Nat, relax a little - you are doing too much!

Have a good day!
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Ahhh....TGIF, mind you WHY I don't know, lol!

Was off earlier this morning, we didn't have a lot of lunch servings so hub took care of them while I cleaned litter boxes and did some carpet scrubbing. Am currently at work, getting ready to wash dishes and wait for the FedEx guy to come (am expecting a wireless card that can be plugged into any computer with a USB port and connect to the internet, woohoo!).

Will be working tomorrow, 'cuz we have 150 servings of ham, turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, corn, green beans, candied sweet potatoes and homade rolls to deliver at 4:30 tomorrow evening.....

Off to church Sunday morning, then loaf around doing nothing (I hope) Sunday afternoon.
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I feel sick to my stomach. Got a headache & a fever.

I work 4-9PM. Gotta pick up a puppy to foster. Get home about 10PMish. I have to be up at 6AM so I can be to work by 8AM. I'm gonna be so tired(crabby).

Whine least it's Friday!
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Friday! I have the weekend off too! Horay!

I went to the University of Iowa to sign up for classes, but you have to go to orientation first
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