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Angel Had her Kittens

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Our last litter of the year has arrived, Angel & Caesar are the proud parents of 4 new kittens, and we got some interesting results.

Angel is a Black and white Tuxedo, her mom is Calico her dad Blue

Caesar black and white Van, Mom is Blue and White, dad Black and white

They had two black and whites, a blue and white..and a red and white. No vans this time around but all very nicely marked bi colors.

My moms going to bring over the camera soon so I can take some pictures.
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awww sounds like a nice litter - looking for those pics.
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Yup it is I have to say I was surprised to see a red and white in there, lol Caesars genes have been so dominate. soon as i can get mom to brign the camera over i will put up pics
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Congratulations on the kittens! I cannot wait to see photos
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Congrats! I'm looking forward to seeing some photos too!
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thank you Although we are pretty perplexed on getting the odd color (pretty sure its red...) since i thought we could only get black and white and blue and
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well after carefull looking and since the baby is now dry..the one we thought eas red and white is not red and white, but well I am not sure what color. Its a silvery brownish color and white. once i get some photos maybe you great crew can help me out
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Hold on - I was thinking Angel was a calico! If you have a red/white in there (male) then one of two things are going on.

1. Angel is a calico - not a black/white - somwhere on her is red (maybe the white is covering it).

2. Angel was bred by two males - one black/white, one red/white

What sex is the red/white?
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Congrats on the kittens!!

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Angel could not have been bred by two males, We only have one intact male in the house. There is no possiblity of two males breeding her.

After closer looking the other one is not red and white, But i have no idea what color. Its not black and white and its NOT blue and white. Its a silvery brownish light color.One i have not seen before. I will post pictures soon as my mom gets the camera here like i said.

The "odd one" is a female. I am baffled with the color myself. the little one is doing very good though. they all are.
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Well where are your pictures!! I wanna see your new babies!! I can not resist persian babies!! (Mine or anyone elses!)

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I just got the camera last night i shall be taking pictures after work tonight i should have them tommrow.
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yeah!! I want to see some pics!!!

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lol they are posted in another thread or on my website heh
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