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Why Do I Bother??

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As some of you may know, I have a bad back (degenerative disc disease) and can only sit in a "special" chair. So several months ago I got one that I can sit in fairly comfortably, and Geronimo proceeded to take it over and make it HIS. Last week, we were at a garage sale, and found another chair that would be comfortable, and only cost $20.00 - so we bought it to replace "his majesty's" chair. It did no good Now Spencer decided the new one is HIS, and I'm back to square one..

I wonder who will be next?!

Why do I bother??

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Reagan has claimed *every* chair in the house. We have to move her if we want to sit at the computer or at the dinner table (well, DH does anyway). No chair is safe from her!
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So sorry! Maybe if you cover the $20 chair with cat nip he'll leave yours alone?
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There are four chairs at our kitchen table. Whenever Sassy sees me heading toward mine, she scampers over there as fast as she can, hops into my chair, and quickly arranges herself in a casual sprawl as if she's been there for hours.

When I approach, she makes the big innocent eyes as if to say, "Now, you wouldn't ask me to move when I'm soooooo comfy, would you?"

Oh, these cats!
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posted in wrong thread. sory
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