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Toastie kitties

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Do your babies like to lay on the vents while the heat is running? Popsie loves to warm his old crochety bones on the heater.
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Tiger doesn't do that. He likes to sniff the air vent when the air is on though...
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Well, we don't have floor vents, but my clowder DO love those warm "throws" and warm sunshine!
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We don't have floor vents here, either, but when I was a kid, we had them in our house in Ohio. We didn't have a kitty then... but every morning in the winter, we would wake up and find my five-year-old brother curled up on the floor vent in the dining room, complete with pillow and blanket. Awwww.
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No Charlie ignores the vents. We had a gas heater at the other house and he'd curl up in front of it. I think the next house had that, i much prefer it. The ducted heating is expensive to run so it is never on for long in Winter. Of course now being Summer in 2 weeks Chuckie will be looking for cool places instead
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Bakker likes laying on the rug in front of the wood stove. The Bobs and Grizzlie like sleeping in the family room as its warmer than the rest of the house (more room on the bed!!!)
My RB cat Sheba slept on top of the hot water heater in the basement-I put a blanket on the top so she wouldn't get injured!!
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We don't have floor vents here either, but they all like to snuggle in one giant furry pile in the bed to stay warm!
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We don't have floor vents, but Lexi likes to sit inside the electric fireplace with the heat blowing down on her. .

And Links has taken to actually sleeping in the cat bed that he never uses just to snuggle up to Lexi when shes in there. (heatings bust at the moment so they are on my bed right now with my dressing gown draped over them
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We have radiators and the cats love laying on them. I put little round fleece beds on them, otherwise they get too hot.
Sam likes to sleep on top of the clothes dryer when it's running. The food bowl is on top of it and I've found him sleeping there with his head in the bowl.
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My boys like to sleep on top of or next to the radiators. So I keep a throw on top of the rad in my room and I have covers on the rads in the other rooms. That doesn't prevent Frantic from sleeping as close as he can get. He curled a whisker by getting to close and touching the hot radiator!

When I'm around, I'm his radiator and Pipsqueek takes his place next to the metal rad.
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I haven't noticed anyone doing it yet, but my foster cat Akasha liked to lay on the vent when the air conditioning was on!
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Our vents are on the ceiling. But, there's a couch under one of them. Sneaky will lay on the couch so that in the summer, cool air will blow on her, and in the winter, warm air.

I think she's annoyed at me right now. I've put a pile of clean clothes I want the family to fold tonight while I'm gone on "her" spot. She gave me a dirty look, then went and slept on the chair instead.

She'll also lay on my oldest dtr's bed- that's right under a vent too.

Mistoflees used to sleep on the couch too, then Sneaky decided it was "her" spot and chased him off.

You'd think they'd want to sleep together and share body heat
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Marcie like being next to the floor vent, but she has plenty of padding to keep her warm. Darcy is a bony little twerp so she parks her icky little butt right on the floor vent. Thank goodness she hasn't starting farting while the vent is going
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Originally Posted by Sneakymom View Post
I think she's annoyed at me right now. I've put a pile of clean clothes I want the family to fold tonight while I'm gone on "her" spot. She gave me a dirty look, then went and slept on the chair instead.
My cats would be all over the clean laundry, especially when it's right out of drier.

No floor vents here either, but they both try stealing my heating pad when I leave it unattended for a few minutes.
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We have great old radiators in front of the windows...a kitty couldn't ask for a better set up (unless they could get some food service...)
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We just moved to washington and we have seperate heaters for every room here, is that a floor vent? When I lived in CA as a kid we had the big wall heater things and on the winter weekends after I woke up I would always go lay next to them.

Tsar has discovered that the laptop cord has a nice warm box on it and she now snuggles against it with her kitty toy . It adorable, but I haven't been able to take a picture without her getting up to look at the camera.
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