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Ms. Topaz -

First the left leg...

...then the right leg...

...and then meditation.
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OMG! These are fantastic! I'll have to see if Abby wants to join the class.
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Originally Posted by Siggav View Post
Nikita is a yoga master as well..
I think that Nikita should be the yoga class instructor.
What is this yoga position called..
The furry pretzel?
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I think Nikita is actually involved in a game of Extreme Twister.
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Originally Posted by gemlady View Post
I think Nikita is actually involved in a game of Extreme Twister.
Extreme Twister?
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Originally Posted by xocats View Post
I think that Nikita should be the yoga class instructor.
What is this yoga position called..
The furry pretzel?
Furry pretzel
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Sampson just can't figure out what's up with all this twisting and turning. It's making him dizzy!

BamBam feels that watching everyone work out is making him tired!

Mia perfected her yoga moves at a very young age.

Don't forget class to rotate your head to the right. Very good!

Now if everyone will curl in a ball we will start practicing our fetal position. Tigger mind your manners!
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You cat tree is in bloom....
and it's flowers are really pretty cats.
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Aristotle starts with the meditation (such a profile )

then to the ... um... whatever position this is...
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Hehehehe furry pretzel indeed

Here's one more Nikita doing yoga photo, it's very important to stretch well.
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Magnum agrees with Nikita about the importance of stretching!

Or you might wake up like this one day!

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That is a great picture! I think Jazz has taken lesson. I will have to try to get a snap shot of him doing his yoga as well.
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I LOVE this thread and have some PERFECT Yoga pictures!! Enjoy!

Spike- First warm up by standing up and holding on to a comb held by your slave just like this..

Spike- Bend down ALL the way to your tail like this..

Spike- Then use your tongue on your tail to help you mediate like this..

Spike- Twist your head down like this.

Tango- Grab your tail like this, bend over with your legs spread..

Tango- Lift your leg up like this then stick your head in between..

Tango- This is called the sideway leap.

Pepper- Curl up like this with your head pressed to the ground.

Zebra- Lay down on your belly with your paws stretched out.

Zebra- Twist around and try to grab your tail..

Bud- find a good sunny spot then grab one of your paws with your teeth like this..

Pepper- This is a great exercise to do with your partner- have your partner push on your chest or chin with his/her paws like this..

Heidi- I don't do yoga.. I just have my slave scratch me on my neck like this.

Sammy- This is a great way to end yoga time-have someone knead on you like I'm doing with this big black cat

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I am beginning to think that our kitties yoga class should be become a coffee table picture book.
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all your cats are pros Eva and Pamela!!!
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Thread Starter 
Sev thinks your all CRAZY...especially his brother Mario

Cats are supposed to relax

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Ben Loves Yoga!

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Rosie said she wanted to join in, so she'll start off with some press ups first to limber up

Some neck stretches

Some facial exercises

Sophies showing off again

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Oh my Pamela your crew is hilarious! I just love it!!
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Isabella calls this one "stretching my way to gorgeous!

Then Stretch and reach!

She even finds time to do yoga in her sleep.

Jasmine calls this one the voluptious kitty stretch pose!

Trying to stretch out her back leg and front leg at the same time lol


Kojak is warming up with a good neck stretch to the side

Some kitties use a stability ball to exercise with....Kojak prefers his catnip banana!

He's decided strip aerobics suites him better...he gets to use a feather boa in class

Velvet thinks those other kitties are weird for doing Yoga! She'd rather stay in bed!
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Touch your tongue to your nose........

And stretch!

Having a partner to spot you is the safest way!

Be careful! You don't want to over do it!
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Bella has been studying for years,

Mostly she has mastered the stretch

and she taught Stanley
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All of TCS Yoga class kitties are have very advanced techniques.
Here is Dexter's latest offer....
Sunrise stretch
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Oh Lei look at that veiw .... thats beautiful
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Everyones cats are so beautiful : They do yoga so well

Sliver & Sushie practicing stretching:
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These are too funny!
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I saw this and it made me think of this thread.
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OMG....so limber!!
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let's see how well mine have learned...
Cable - do yoga & look cute at the same time!

Chip - yoga makes you so flexible!

Java - wave your leg in the air like you don't care...

Pixel - see what Cable taught me - don't i look cute?

Firefox - i have my buddy spotting me!

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ok, milo would like to join the yoga club

he tried hard to stretch his back legs all the way!

shinobi joined in too and then got a little bored and started biting his nails

the kittens then tired of all this yoga business and got down to some good old fashioned wrestling!

tabitha looked on in horror at all this activity!

she had to have a lie down in a quiet room to recover.
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