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needy Lhasa in NY

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A client came to my work on Tuesday with a 6 year old Lhasa named Kandi. Kandi was not eating, lethargic, and had vaginal discharge. The x-ray confirmed pyometra. Her owners were not interested in even knowing the cost of the surgery or working with the doctor. In fact, they had decided to euthanize her before the diagnosis was even confirmed. Anyway, Candy was too sweet and too young, so the Dr. agreed to perform the surgery for me as long as I move her ASAP.

The surgery was performed on Tuesday and I will be taking Kandi home tomorrow, if she's eating ok by then. I, hopefully, will be able to hold her until she's completely recovered (10-14 days) but will then need to place her. I already live in a "no pets" apartment with 2 cats and a german shepherd so it will be a challenge.

I have already contacted rescues, posted on Lhasa forums, and am calling clients I trust about her. If anyone is in the area (queens, NY), and would like to meet her or is interested, please contact me at maneyda@aol.com. Please include a little about yourself. (Lifestyle, other pets, etc.)

I can travel 1 1/2, maybe 2 hrs in any direction for the right home. (I actually don't have a car at the moment, but have a co-worker that has helped me transport dogs in the past.)

Thank you for reading. I will try to get a picture up tomorrow.
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Kandi really lives up to her name. She met my dog as well as a few dogs we're boarding and did great with them. She also met our resident cat and foster cats and was just as good with them! (Does the meet & greet, then goes about her business.)

Kandi seems like a very calm, mellow girl. It's still very early post-op, so her energy level could very well increase as she recovers, but I still don't see her being a super active/bouncy dog. She's an excellent patient, letting us poke, prob, and shove meds in her mouth. She will also adjust quickly and bond closely to her new family. She already shakes in excitement when she sees me and follows me around when I let her out. Kandi also seems to be cage trained as she usually holds it until we let her out.
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oh gosh, I wish I was closer and in the position to take her on I have an 11 year old Lhasa boy and I just love the breed. Lots of vibes that Kandi can find a great new home
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