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Worst nightmare

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Ive always worried about our indoor cat because he's SO timid, he doesnt come when called, and you can't get his attention with food because he's a picky minimalist eater. Then this morning we had a plumber over and he left the door wide open and I havnt been able to find my cat since. Ive looked over the house a hundred times and cant find him. Its been a few hours since I realised the door was open. He's scared of everything and everyone, and it was raining so my heart tells me he didnt run outside, but at the same time I cant find him... so I had to be realistic and start looking outside.
He's not under any porch on my street, or under any car. Ive called the local shelters and vets and given them a description, and given everyone on our street my number in case they see him. Anything Ive missed? Has this happened to anyone else? What are the chances he'll just wander home when he works up the courage? Im sat here now because I just dont know what to do and its about to get dark outside. The thought of not having him home by bedtime kills me. Any ideas appreciated
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i can understand how you must 2 boys are that way...

well i guess look under bushes, behinds plants etc

maybe take food out and make a noise with that...its worth a try even if he doesnt eat or respond much to food

leave the door open for him as they say cats find their way back home and if he is timid and is out he probably isnt far

i do hope u find him honey

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Oh dear...I know exactly what you are going through as that happened to me. We were selling our house and going through the home inspection. After the inspection I couldn't find Lilly. I looked everywhere - over and over again and no cat! I finally was resolved that she must be outside because she was nowhere in the house. I made the buyers agent call the inspector to ask him if he saw my cat. Sure enough...he said "well the cat was by the door so I put it outside"

My husband and I just stayed outside the house and walking around the neighborhood - but still close to our house calling her name. After about 4 hours she showed up under the deck in the backyard. She was quite hungry by that point and all I had to do was open a can of human tuna (which she loves for a treat) and set it by her. I had to do this because she seemed very freaked out and would not let her approach us - I could only grab her when she was eating. I bet your baby will get hungry and come home. I'd put some of the food he eats outside by where the door was open so maybe he will smell it. You could keep the door open a bit and sit by it and call his name. (that way, if he is still in the house somehow he wont get out).

I wish you good luck. It's such a horrible feeling when you can't find them.
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mine was in the back of the master closet under and behind boxes. You could not see her unless your face was on the floor and the light was shinning just right. If they got outside check in trees and under the house too if you have a crawl space.

I hope you find your lost one.
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Sending you mega vibes that you find your cat - and I hope that he is just hidden away in a closet, etc. When cats get frightened, they can really squeeze into tight places. I once found one of my RB kitties, Timothy, squeezed in a little space behind my dehumidifier in my bedroom. But, before I found him, I was totally panic stricken. Many good wishes going ot to you!
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You must be in absolute panic...
Sending find your sweetie vibes.
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My cat sometimes goes missing. I always find him in dresser drawers, or in my shoe organizer, or behind a door.

I'm sending your way!
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I bet he is in the house somewhere. Look on top of the heating ducts, under couches and beds, behind stove, fridge, anywhere. Mine always disappear, and I know they could not have gone out, but I still get nervous cause I can't find them. They keep developing new spots to hide.
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I once found a cat I was taking care of for a friend hiding behind a dresser - after I'd spent all night looking for her outside. Actually, I didn't find her - she came out while I was sobbing about her on the phone.

May I suggest going outside and calling a lot through the neighborhood, though? If he's out, it's best to get on it quick. If he's inside, he's ok; time's not so crucial. Just a thought that you've probably already thought of.

Hoping like crazy for you guys, please please let us know when you find him...
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The missing cat has a little sister who ALWAYS knows where to find him so she can chew on his tail until he plays with her. She's going frantic too and crying at me constantly like she cant smell him. So that, and the fact I cant find him, leads me to strongly think he's outside. Ive put food out, water out, his bed out... in the hope he smells it and comes home. Ive wandered around the neighbourhood calling for him too. I swear Ive looked under every blade of grass and yet no signs of him which means I must have missed something This is SUCH a horrible feeling. I hope people read this and realise even the most unlikly cats can get outside and get lost if you dont pay attention when you have visitors. Im kicking myself for it!! Heres hoping he decides he likes it better indoors than in the rain and comes home x
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I know the feeling... I lost Hennessy a few weeks back after we'd moved out some furniture and had some people over. A couple of them have outside cats, so I was freaked out that they'd let him out, as he loves to get outside on the roof!

We looked everywhere, combed the neighborhood. I was in tears when we got home and was looking for the number to call the pound, just in case, when we heard a mew.

He was upstairs, which we'd combed over. THe only thing we can think of is that he got into the dryer or into the crawl space behind the sofa somehow.

Good vibes for finding your kitty.
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I hope he has fouind a nice spot to slep and has just forgotten what time it is, sending you vibes to help encourage him to show him self
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I had a cat very similar to yours that got outside one day. I opened up the door and eventually he was so frightened by the outside that he came back inside.

If you do this, make absolutely certain that he is not inside and could get out with the door open. Close off as many rooms in the house as you can.
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Once Sadie worked a hole in the bottom covering of our bed's box spring, climbed up inside and went to sleep.
I freaked out looking for her...
she finally woke up and came out.
Same with our couch.

This evening or tomorrow at the latest, I would put up fliers and knock on neighbors doors to let people know that you have a missing kitty.

Come home sweetheart.
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Did you try calling the plumber and asking him if he saw the cat?
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Yes, called him and he said he never saw a black cat the whole time he was here Still no luck with the cat showing up either... and its pouring down outside and pretty cold too. We've had to shut up house for the evening, leaving the basement door open in the hope he finds shelter in there over night. Horrible horrible feeling
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Please visit this site:

It really helped me when Ginger fell out through the screen window.

I understand your despair and fear, like a child is lost. I'm sure your baby is VERY close by but is too scared to come out just yet.

Many that he finds his way back home FAST!
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Found him!! 23 hours missing and fliers posted all around the neighbourhood only to come home and hear meowing in the basement. SUCH a relief, and lesson learnt. The cats get locked away for every handyman that visits our house from now on!! Good luck to all other owners of lost cats x
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That is wonderful news.
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That's wonderful news.
I'm so glad you found your baby.
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You must be SOOOO relieved!!!!
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I'm so happy for you. Last night must have seemed like an eternity. I too learned I have to lock up my cats when workmen are around. They just never shut the doors or pay attention to keeping the cats inside.
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It's so wonderful to hear that he's home, safe and sound!

Is he microchipped? I know there's some controversy now because there are apparently allegations they could cause cancer but since cats won't keep a collar on....

I'm so happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's so great when there's a happy ending.
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He is microchipped, although it must have my old address on there and I'm not sure how to get that changed... Ill have to find the paperwork and update it. Thankyou all for your advice and well wishes. Ive eaten slept and showered since finding him and feel all human again!! xx
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I just found this thread. I'm so happy that you found your kitty!
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I am glad you found him.
I just had a scare, went into the basement and the basement door was open! Pansy was missing! He is the scardiest cat on the planet. I ran out and called him in the yard, he sculked out from under the hydrangae bush, screaming at the top of his lungs, and ran into the basement. I bet he never pries that door open again.
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It was raining when this happened to me also. I found my cat screaming in a tree! LOL she couldnt get down
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