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Sparky is now ok after his vaccinations now Tigger has started

jumping around just cant sit still ....panting and basically not looking very well

just been reading up and read injections not supposed 2 be given in the scruff of cats necks anymore

this is where my vets given all 3 of my cats their shots


i am just sitting here wtching him and :bawling :

he is just sitting wid his eyes closed rocking

someone pls tell me something i can do i feel so helpless and am just sittin here crying

i cannot call a vet or take him anywhere coz this is Pakistan we dont have 24 hr services and i only know one vet in the whole city.....mine!

someone help ..pls
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Sorry your cat is reacting so badly to his shots! He will probably be fine in a few hours, although he seems to be having an unusually strong reaction to them. I had my two vaccinated three months ago and they were also vaccinated in the back of the neck. They were a bit dopey and sleepy for the rest of the day, but fine apart from that. But we don't need rabies vaccine here, so there probably wasn't such a shock to the system as your two have had.

I hope he's better soon, good luck!
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I'm so sorry, but the ONLY thing you can do is get your cat to a vet NOW.
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i dont have a vet to get him to

its 1am here and we dont have emergency vets etc

Sparky was like this earlier so i am hoping it will pass soon as Sparky is a bigger cat than tigger even tho they r brothers and the same age

i am sitting wid him and praying he will be ok

he didnt have rabies today but the other 2 shots......PCT & LvK

he calms down then suddenly goes all twitchy and pants and jumps around from spot to spot really restless and then he just calms down and seems ok

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Tiggy is back to normal

he sat i the bathroom in the litter tray all nite and sat with him stroking him

this morn he has had some food and water and is moving about...a little down but apart from that i think he is ok

i was so scared for him but he pulled thru
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Please take him in to the vet this AM .... also have the chart noted NOT to give both shots at ONCE
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