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What an Improvement!

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I swear that every day I learn something from my pets. Deciding to keep Dozer was a great decision. Deciding to *work* with Whisper instead of letting him work things through on his own was an even better one.

It's going to be tomorrow before I can look into getting some Feliway (lots of bills this past week) but I did try talking to him. The difference is outstanding! Granted, Whisper and Baloo are having some arguments (growling back and forth) but Baloo growls at everything, and it's not necessarily an aggressive act (though I don't expect the other cats to completely catch on just yet).

The best part about it is that Whisper jumped up on the bed with me this morning. He "escaped" from the office when DH went to the bathroom this morning, but there have been *no* arguments, except with Baloo and me when he tries to get outside

My understanding of cats one step improved, thanks to you guys. He's doing a lot better, even with DH. I explained to him not only about the new kitties, but about how important he is to me. I've also made a point to DH to be very positive with him -- and to make sure that he can tell the difference between Whisper's growl and Baloo's, so that whoever is making the sound is the one to be corrected (verbally).

I'm nearly in tears I'm so grateful to you guys!
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I'm so glad things are working better! It's great to pass on our cat knowledge to others in our family, so they can enjoy the cats more, too.
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First of all, I'm very glad that things are improving.

Originally Posted by ghosthunterbeck View Post
I'm nearly in tears I'm so grateful to you guys!
My theory in life is what comes around, goes around. I came to this site 4 years ago with a problem. I've stuck around because not only do I still learn new things from other cat lovers, but I can give some of my knowledge back to others. I expect to see you 4 years from now!!

I'm very glad you find the site and that you are getting help from it!!
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Thank you MomofMany! I needed something, and I'm lucky that TCS came up first on the search, because I would have quickly given up looking at a lot of the other cat forums out there. So many of them focus on specific breeds and not your run-of-the-mill moggies. Beside that fact, I'd never have gotten help with the ferals and strays issues on those sites -- people seem to be against them in many places.

He's still improving, by the way. The other cats are getting along alright now, it's just that Whisper is having a particularly difficult time in adjusting. He's doing *great* with DH though, even letting him pet him and talk to him, which used to be absolutely forbidden.

One problem that we're still running into is that he doesn't understand "it wasn't your fault" about his past. I think we have some kind of a confidence issue with regards to that, and that, by itself, is helping me to understand what has him so frazzled and upset. I think he fears that he's going to be blamed for behaviors of the other cats (NEVER!).
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