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Not finishing food

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I give Popsie a half can of wet in the morning and the other half in the evening. He eats most of it but always leaves some in the dish and then won't finish it later. Do your cats do this?
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Yeap, my Lucy Belle never finish her food at one feeding and I read that cats are natural grazers, so they tend to eat little by little. That's what she'll do. She'll eat, hop, jump, play and go back to eating. She never really eat up all her food, always leaving a tiny bit behind. I am not too concern since she's gaining weight steadily and has tonnes of energy!
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Jack gets half a can in the morning and half in the evening as well, and seems to always leave a bite or two. He goes back later and licks the bowl clean. He'll lick that bowl even when it is obvious there's nothing left. Weirdo.
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Junior gets a Friskies 3oz pouch in the morning and a Wellness 3oz pouch in the evening. He'll lick the bowl clean in 2-3 sittings spread over an hour or so. He always leave 3-4 bites of dry food though.

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Zoe always leaves a bit behind too....
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