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Now its Minnie v Milo

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Minnie Moo Moo is the excitable one at the moment as she is the youngest, but it does not take much for Milo to join in the play fighting. This takes place around eight in the evening and then starts again about four in the morning. Amber strolled in after these shots were taken and then all hell broke loose, they all ran off into the kitchen and by the sound of it they all forgot about the sharp left turn, thus resulting in all of them crashing into the door and then sending the food bowles flying across the floor. OMG!! what a racket

Right where is he?

There he is.

Come on Smilo or whatever your name is.

Anytime Minnie

Take that!!

Ok then

You take that

Oih!! Mind my ears.

Give me hug


Shall we stop now?

Ok lets shake paws.
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Adorable kitties!!
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The "let's shake paws" is hilarious...looks like they are having a blast..the only thing I like to see better than kitties cuddling, is kitties playing.
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Your pictures always crack me up! I love the 'You take that' picture where Milo is bopping Minnie on the head...too hilarious!
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It looks like they have a lot of fun together
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Yeh they are certainly two funny characters. I was in the house after coming home from work tonight and I was calling them. Milo came up to me but no Minnie. I called her couple more times, and with that Milo jumped up on the kitchen table, gave a loud meow and then what seemed a gesture from him. He gave me that look and then turned to look at the window. as I stepped a couple of paces into the kitchen I turned to look at the window, and there sitting outside on the ledge was Minnie. When animals connect with you like that, its a special moment because it does not happen on a regular basis, yeh cats cry at you when they want feeding but that brief moment with Milo was something else.
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great pics!!! I like the "give me a hug"

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Those are GREAT
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My kitties do the same thing! I wish I was lucky as you to have my camera out when they play fight!
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