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Mother and son fighting a lot!

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Hi cat lovers,

our house has three cats: Puppy Cat, Tuff guy, and Cardboard. A year ago, tuff guy's mom moved in when my girlfriend did. Cardboard hadn't seen her son in a while, and she seemed interested at first, but tuff guy let out the wildest yowl i've ever heard him make. since then, cardboard always hisses and backs away from tuff guy and then he proceeds to beat her up, the poor thing. Puppy Cat has known Tuff Guy since tuff guy was a kitten, and they get a long great. It's just that we're wondering if there is something genetic about mother and son cats getting along? Puppy Cat and Cardboard have no problems with each other, they sniff noses and are fine. it's just that Cardboard never sticks up for herself with Tuff guy and she ends up gettting scratches on her back. also there has been some peeing here and there, and frankly, i'm getting tired of trying to figure them out.

Any help or insite into this dynamic would me most appreciated,

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Hello there

Did you introduce them gradually or just throw them together?! Sounds like Tuff guy is the alpha male so he would not have been happy at a new cat coming into his territory. I'm not sure if it will still work, but separate them and slowly introduce them to each other again. I've read here before that dabbing vanilla under each of their chins gives them both the same scent.

As regards the mother-son dynamic, Rupert and Bagheera are mother and son and as soon as Bagheera got old enough to leave the 'nest' she started attacking him and hissing at him. 13 years later they still share a house but Rupert still hates Bagheera!
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Once siblings or parents/offspring are away from each other and do not see each other for several months, most will act like "strangers" to each other.

All all the cats concerned neutered and spayed? If not, that's part of the reason for reactions.
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