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cat and the radio

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i have heard from many places that leaving the radio on helps a cat when the cat is left for a few days alone when the owners are gone.

but do you know if anyone has actually verified something like this scientifically? i.e., shown with some kind of objective measures that cats are clearly more comfortable by the radio left on, vs. a quiet house?

i looked online for some kind of info to support this, but can't find any.

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This is a great question, I would like a answer to as well.
I do leave a radio on for my kitty when I leave for work.
My kitty is skittish (previous feral) and I hope that some
noice keeps her less nervous.
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Well if its music or even talk show, the cat will not have total silence in the house. Better to have noise in the house, mainly to not let theives, etc. think no one is home.

Maybe the animals don't really care; I like to think they do appreciate some people talking
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I sometimes put classical music on in the bedroom when I go out to work and often come home to find three cats curled up on my bed
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I don't know of any specific research done, but when Oliver's home alone, the tv is left on Animal Planet for him... I found that if I didn't leave the tv on, I'd come home to find that he'd gotten himself into trouble (ie: had climbed on the kitchen table, where he's not allowed, and pushed everything off)... so in my own experiece, it keeps my cat occupied when he's alone.... guess he's a tv junkie like his mama, lol (he loves to watch sports too!)
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