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cats not right after vaccinations

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my two boys (both 17mnths old) seem blah after having their vaccinations

they had their leukemia and the rhino/callici/panleukopenia shots today

one is just sitting around looking really very sorry for himself ...his ears are flat and he feels hot

the other one is tearing around ...panting and also feels hot but wont let me near him and if i manage to catch him he gets more frantic..

ive tried giving them an antihistamine in some food and milk but they dont go near it :o(

what else can i do

im worried
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For the first 24 hours after having their shots, especially the leukemia one they can feel a bit under the weather

I don't give mine leukemia now because their indoors, but for the first couple of years Rosie had it, and she would just lie in her bed like you say feeling sorry for herself

If after 24 hours their still like that i would call the vet, but usually by the next day their back to normal
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i am not worried about one of them coz he is just lethargic but its sparky i am concerned about

he is panting with his tongue out and licking/itching himself constantly

i have just given him some benadryl hopefully that will calm him down a bit

i just cant see my kit kats like this it breaks my heart

and sparky is the fattest/biggest of them all and he is having the most adverse reaction to the shots, and its not the first time either so i dont know what the prob is

they are indoor cats and frankly i wudnt bother but i have moved a few times so to take the cats i need them to be up2 date on shots
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To put your mind at rest, why not give the vet a quick ring and explain what he's doing?.
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he is ok now

i gave him some anti histamine and he has had lots of water n some food

he is just zzzzzzz now

now tiggy is acting funnier....he was just lethargic before but is jumpy and stuff now but ive given him some anti histamine too so he should be ok

just had me all worried as in Pakistan we dont have emergency vets etc and for me 2 get 2 my vet is a hassle and he is the only vet i know in the entire city
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That's it, he'll just sleep it off and he should be fine later, but just keep an eye on them both
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thnx for yr support and dont worry i am certainly keeping an eye on them both

i will prob be 2 worried 2 sleep tonight and will be up checking on them

im a tad paranoid and get worried a lot about them all

everyone thinks i am mad

but they cant tell me whats wrong so i feel worse for them than humans
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