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Kitten keeps crying...

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What should I do when he cries? I just rescued this stray or feral kitten yesterday. He is probably 6-10 weeks old. He has food and water and I have seen him eating and drinking, but he just keeps crying!
I think he might have worms, his stomach is distended and probably ear mites so I will be getting him to the vet as soon as I can get an appointment but I don't know what to do for him when he cries?
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He's probably lonely, missing other kitties. Can you turn on a radio for him? And maybe put some rice in a sock & heat it in the microwave so he has a "cuddle buddy"?
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I had the radio on all day on a talk-radio station, but it didn't seem to help...
However I just downloaded a bunch of pet podcasts and he stopped crying when I started playing them! Weird. I don't know if it was a coincidence but we'll see if he starts up again...
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Ahhhhh...... Good luck with your baby. Keep us posted on how he does.

Pet podcasts, huh? I'm feeling really old, I'm not even sure what that is.
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Hehe. Well, podcasts are like radio shows you can download to your computer (or put on an mp3 player) but I found a bunch of them where the show topic was pets.

Poor baby, he heard my cat meowing this morning and he started crying again... Unfortunately my cat does not like other cats so I can't introduce them after he's been vet checked.
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Ok, now he's started crying every time I put him back into the crate. I guess it's a good sign because it means he is getting comfortable with me, but I feel so bad when he keeps crying at the door after I put him away!
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Do try and find him a stuffed toy to snuggle up to - he is obviously missing his mom and litter mates. Good luck with him - he sounds as if he is adjusting.
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Uhm, has the kitten pooped? Distended belly could also mean constipation and crying mean discomfort.
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assuming the cause isn't health-related, please let us know when he stops doing it. i adopted out a kitten to a friend of mine and he has reported that it has been crying in the early morning hours. i assume he's just missing his brothers/us/familiar surroundings but i'm not sure how long he'll do it before he starts to like his new home. so let us know when your guy adjusts! and good luck.
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Yes, he is urinating and defecating normally in the litterbox.
He cries every morning for a long time until I get up, and he cries for 30+ minutes every time I put him back in the crate then finally quiets down eventually.
Today I took him out and he cuddled up on my lap and started purring! This is the first time he's purred. He also tried to suckle on my fingers which makes me wonder if his mother was still letting him nurse, which makes me wonder if he's younger than I thought (maybe 6/7 weeks?)
I will find him a toy to snuggle with and see if that helps at all...
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Ok, I moved him to a larger cage, and gave him a nice soft fleece blanket, heating pad under one part of the blanket, and also wrapped a ticking clock inside a fuzzy, soft sock and he's STILL crying! He is waking me up early every morning by starting his loud crying and I am tired all day because I can't get enough sleep! When I put him back in the cage he whines and cries for a long time, too. I can't keep him elsewhere in the house because there is nowhere else besides my bedroom that I can block off so my cat can't come in the room (I think he has a URI and he hasn't been tested for FIV/FelV yet so he needs to be kept away from my cat.) But it's driving me crazy!
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Can he sleep directly in the bed with you?
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I don't trust him outside of the cage alone yet (I've only had him out on a surface or desk supervised)-- he's only 6 weeks, just starting to understand the litterbox INSIDE the cage, and there is too much he could get into (or I could roll over and squish him by mistake!) :/
Plus I am trying to restrict the areas he comes into contact with in case he has anything contagious, until we get to the vet next Tues.
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Hmmm....not too many things I can suggest otherwise. Maybe a pair of ear plugs?
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I recently adopted a stray kitten who the vet guessed to be at about 10-11 weeks. He too is contained to our downstairs bathroom as my husband and I both work and we are concerned about his safety. He cried a lot the first two weeks (we've had him for four weeks now) but his crying hasn't stopped mostly--he will cry loudly in the morning if he is out of food (we are free feeding dry).

He is very vocal and will meow for what he wants or thinks he needs. But the crying has basically stopped.

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Mine is probably about 7 or 8 weeks old and mews pathetically when he is lonely. He stops when he gets attention though, and it seems to be gettin less and less. Things should be better once he gets his all clear and can gets some freedom of movement.

Incidentally, has any of the other people with a cryer in the house noticed how all the neighborhood cats come and check out whats going on? So far they have all had a look. I wonder if they are seeing if their territory needs defending or just responding to a distress call... or just curious
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