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cat tricks???

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Hi! I was wondering if any of you guys have taught your cat tricks? If so, which ones and how did you teach them? I am curious because my kitten seems very alert and active, so far he will come when I call his name, and climb up the cat tree to get a treat! I want to teach him others, but would like to hear some success stories, recommendations from you guys first!
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Cooper playes fetch....

Silly cat, we think sometimes shes a dog!
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Hi Anita! Yes - I taught my cat to open the bathroom door - and just this very morning, we had independent confirmation that he CAN do it himself!!! I Have the Smartest Cat in the World!

Not very shy about letting people know about it either, am I? LOL!

And Nenners' cat learned how to open the garage door - but he taught himself that trick.

Repetition, patience, treats - and only five to ten minutes or so a day, every day, is what it takes. I think you should only try one thing at a time. But I don't really know.

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I don't know if it's a trick or not, but my old cat Connor could pick up his food with his paw and attempt to put it in his mouth. Sometimes he even got the food into his mouth. I sure miss that cat.
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You can teach them if they want you to.
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I taught my cat Tigger(ran away), how to shake paw. It only took him 1 week to learn how to do it. I just took a treat, put it up by Tiggers face and touched his paw. He lifted his paw and I grabbed it and put it into my hand and gave him a treat. After a couple of days Tigger would put his paw right into my hand!

Like krazykat2 said, you can teach them if they want you to!
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One of the cats we used to have was named Kitty (now deceased) and she taught herself a trick. In the mornings Kitty would go up to my son wanting attention, but my son would be too busy sitting in his chair watching his morning cartoon shows. Kitty would then arch her back up and walk back and forth under his feet so that his feet would keep rubbing her back. Kitty was very consistent and did this every morning.
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Kitty sure was versatile Lorie! Cats are very smart - Peedoodle plays fetch and he knows that hubby and I cannot hear him so he uses his paw to tap us on the shoulder when he wants us to wake up. Its very cute, and hes very gentle, unless he really wants something and he will start "digging" at us.
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The cat I used to have would beg for treats. My fiance taught her to sit up on her hind legs before we would give it to her. It was very cute, but I could never get a picture of it.
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My cat Josephine can "sit pretty" and my cat Auxana can fetch but she taught herself how to do it.
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I have a cat "Missy" who will fetch a bead when you throw it and bring it back to you to throw again.
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We taught Tuxie to do flips in the air..lol
I think I have pics somewhere....
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