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kittens sneezing & blind kitten

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hi. I have five 2 1/2 week old snow bengal kittens that have been sneezing for a while. they get little crust around their nose that I carefully wipe off. a few of them have had some crust around their eyes but not that much(I wipe it off too). I thought they had conjunctivitis but I don't think so anymore.
is this something serious? they all seem healthy and happy and are progressing awesome, they're walking and playing already even.

my next question, does anybody have any tips on training a blind kitten to use things in her life? I am wondering about litter box training, getting her to know where her food and water is,etc.! I really would love help on this, I can't find any articles that help me out with it. Should I pick her up and show her the water and food or what? I've never raised a blind kitten and don't want to mess it up for her!!!
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I had a blind adult cat. He already knew where everything was in the house. I was told the major thing is to never re-arange the furniture. Keep her litterbox, food, and water in the same place at all times. "Show" them to her to help her stay oriented (sp).

I'm sure someone else will come along with better advice. I had it easier as (RB) Possum was already an adult. Best of luck with the babies. They sound adorable!
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I had a kitten that went blind. The big thing I noticed was actually NOT to pick them up and carry them because they become disoriented. I think I called him to the litter box to "show" him, then called him to the food and water. It only took once. Also, we noticed he preferred beds (like those sheepskin beds) on the floor, so we placed them all around.

We also read to keep the TV on or something so he could orient himself. And don't just swoop down and pick him up - talk to him, put a hand on him, then two, and see if he is ok with you picking him up. Good luck!
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Radios are good for comforting blind kitties.
Never carry them someplace, they get disoriented.
I hope you like your furniture as is, cuz you don't wanna be moving it!
I used wet food to lure the kitty to the food/water.
Train the kitty to come to it's name, much easier for future things.

As for the crusty eyes/sneezing. Sounds like a URI. Get them vet checked & if they're old enough, on anti-biotics. But it is important you get them vet checked ASAP, a URI at their age is fatal.
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