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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
There's no local CragsList....I'm in the boonies. They are listed on Petfinder. I talked to someone in the pet store an hour away & they won't list specific kitties in shelters on their bulletin board. (Besides, there's a humane society in their town, they don't want us advertising & taking away adoptions) Petco's adoptable board sucks, an employee said they get virtually no one looking at it.
That stinks. Maybe you can add some new pics on petfinder?

My Petco's board has just one ad on it (a lost ad). They have an adoption center there, I'm not sure if every Petco does that. The kitties are from the humane society and I think some are from animal control too.

Vet's offices maybe?

In my area's humane society, there is a gorgeous purebread declawed persian that I swore would be adopted in a day or two. Her owner had passed away. She is older (7), which I guess is why she's still there but I still don't get it. She would make a wonderful companion pet for an elderly person living alone.

When I saw Mattie and Chloe's profiles on petfinder and once I decided to bring them home, I became obsessed with nabbing them as soon as I could because I couldn't bear hte thought of them going home with someone else. I guess I am delusional about how many people are out there willing to adopt cats.

I've been trying to talk to family members about giving cats homes. I am bringing Chloe home over Thanksgiving with a secret ambition of trying to convert my non-cat-loving family into the idea of giving one a home. My dad & step-mom have a huge maine coone that is about 10 years old, there's definitely room for 1 more! My sister is not a cat person but does really like Bengal cats so I've been looking for Bengals on petfinder for her. Problem with that is that she doesn't know a lot about the breed and I don't think they are really compatable for her. We'll see....I would LOVE it if more people in my family warmed up to the idea of owning and caring for a cat, but I also don't want cats in homes where they aren't spoiled.
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I did get their info./pics put up at the smaller pet store an hour from here. Whoever I talked to in store said it was OK. So, you never know if anyone will see them or not?
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