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Kittens and chewing

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Ok, I know not all kittens like to chew on everything and anything, but apparently I got a pair of kittens who do! They are about seven months old now and other than the chewing habit, they are great kittens. Very well bahaved, have used the litter box and had no accidents since I got them at 6 weeks old, very friendly with visitors and couldn't ask for more. However the chewing thing is really starting to get on my nerves. They will chew cords, clothing, my blinds, and have even caught them chewing the side of the leather couch. Please tell me this behavior will subside as they get past a year old!!!!!!!
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It sounds like maybe they are teething? I would invest in something like Bitter Apple spray that you can get at Petsmart or Petco. (It has a mixture of ingredients that taste terrible.) I would then go through the entire house and spray all of the cords and appropriate surfaces with a nice coating of the spray. (At the very least, you won't have to worry about one of the kitties electrocuting themselves on a frayed electrical cord.) The other thought I have is that maybe they need a few more small toys or stuffed animals in their play area to lessen boredom and give them a more appropriate outlet for biting/chewing.
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They should have just finished teething, so are probalby in the habit of chewing. Have they been chewers since you've had them? or have they just started it?
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Make sure they have their own toys they can chew on. Redirect them when you catch them chewing on your things. They're still young enough that they're easily distractable, so when you catch them chewing on the couch or wires, throwing one of their chew toys should get their attention and they should chase after it. Of course, some cats are very strong willed!!
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