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kitty needs your help

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Hi everyone this is my first post and maybe a bit long winded so please excuse..hoping you can help with my monster
i have a cat called kitty she never got named as i was not going to keep her lol..who i found 6 yrs ago by a creek as a newborn she still had cord attached and covered in ants and a crow pecking at her..she has grown now but is only a small cat about 2.2 kg.shes sweet and the palest blue eyes you have ever seen but does not know how to interact with other cats and do not take this the wrong way but she does not seem very intelligent just special..about 5 months ago i took in a dumped kitten ..hes the complete opposite of her.
both are indoor cats and desexed .heaps of toys changed often to stop boredom they have a room on back deck thats for them they have things to climb hide in play with its a real cat gym..its accessed through a cat flap in window..theres heaps to watch too a lot of wild birds hang out in trees next to it..walls are a mesh so its light and airy..so i know its not a boredom problem..
now about the brat
favorite toy is a stuffed sausage dog he carries about and wrestles about 50 cms long that he borrowed and never returned from the dog..
happy to be a lap cat but cant stand being cuddled..
my first mistake was calling him dexter after the naughty monkey in "a night at the museum"
he has tabby markings but when you stop to look are not strips but a succession of dots...
the longest tail and toes......
the most amazing bright orange eyes that shine....
the slinkiest coat if he stretches too far on your lap he slides off ..
the tallest lankiest body i have ever seen.he must weigh twice as much as her hes not 1 yet but is ultra slim......
he does not steal he collects things..visitors mobiles.. grandkids ipods...empty cans off bench waiting to go into recycle bin..dish cloths..puts them in his nest under back spare bed..
if there was a cat olympic he wold bring home the gold as he has amazing jumping skills..is often seen on beam that runs through center of house its over 3 meters up..stands on glass surround in shower leaps to skylight and walks around by hands one over other monkey style looking out gauze then just drops to ground when hes had enough..
despite all this hes a gentle cat and never scratched or hurt anyone..
theres more but i am sure you get the idea of what hes like by now..
the problem is he stalks and jumps on her and yes i know its just play but because shes special does not want to be jumped on or scared makes a horrid noise like shes in a cat fight and that only seems to excite him more...i call him and he stops for a bit but what am i to do shes happy to run with him but cant take the rough and tumble...do i let them sort it? do i just keep calling him off? it happens about a dozen times a day. i do not baby them but its upsetting to hear her swearing like that..will he grow out of that game in time?
anxious mum
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How old do you think he is? was he a baby when you found him? My cat Blossom was also dumped & I hand raised her from 3 weeks old. She was the wildest kitten I ever had. She had the zoomies twice a day, scratched, bit, climbs every where, everything that I've learned by being on the forums, as being a perfectly normal kitten. Your boy could be the same. He should quieten down over time, Blossom has. Does your kitty ever tell him off? They all lack the nurturing they should have had being with mum & litter mates.
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hi he was about 4 months when found in a box on side of road ..still not 1...kitty tells him off but its more of a fearful thing from her..shes not brave and i think a little slow..
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