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Newest Member Of My Fur Family

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Announcing the newest member of my little fur family, Pixie, who will be arriving home tomorrow.

I have been pondering getting another cat for a few months and recently the decision was sort of made for me. The local shelter is closing down December 1st indefinitely. Due to some new zoning law that put them within the town limits they now have to relocate or build a new facility.
The town has a noise bylaw and apparently now the shelter breaking that law because of the barking dogs.
Believe me your not thinking anything I haven't already thought myself.....
Pretty darn stupid considering the shelter has been there for 20 years.

They will be relocating whatever animals they can't adopt to other shelters in various other towns but there has been a real push to try and get most of the them adopted out first.

Anyway the shelter worker who I went throw to adopt Linus called me to tell me about a litter of grey kittens that had been bought in, knowing how I love little grey kitties. Of coarse she had an ulterior motive named Pixie waiting for me when I Walked in the shelter. I bet she was even watching for me giving Pixie a pep talk.
"Now Pixie as soon as she walks in wrap around her leg give a little chirp, and then start purring."
And that is exactly what she did and I didn't stand a chance.

She is the cutest, grey/white DSH. They think she is about 3 years old. She was picked as a stray about 3 months ago. She loves people, other cats, dogs and even the rabbits they have at the shelter.

I am sure she and the boys will love each other once they are use to each.

Once I get her home and settled I will post some pictures.
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Aww Pixie is a lucky girl .Congratulations
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Congrats! Is the name staying?
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Congrats on your newest addition! She's a lucky girl.
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Awe thats so wonderful Congrats I am sure her and the boys will all get along She sounds like such a sweetie and she surely knew who to pick for a great home I cant wait to see pictures
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Congratulations on the new kitty. I have a soft spot for grey kitties too. Can't wait to see pics.
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
Congrats! Is the name staying?
I haven't quite decided yet. I do like the name and it suits her, however she sort of looks like a cricket also. I will have to decide once I get to know her better. I am a firm believer that cats already have names it's up to their humans to figure out exactly what they are.

If you're around my Sassy for more then a few minutes you will understand why that's his name.
And, Linus hide under a blanket for a whole day when I first got him, so what else would I call him
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Congrats! I hope that she fits in quickly.
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Congrats Susan!! Can't wait for pictures she sounds like a doll
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Well the new kitty is home and settling nicely. I decided to keep the name Pixie for her. Linus and Sassy seem fine with the newest addition. Sassy has glanced at her a few times and Linus has been trying to convince her to play.

She also has been good, and has only hissed at Linus a couple of times earlier. She actually couldn't help herself and chased him around the living room a few minutes ago.

She's had dinner, a drink and found the litter boxes so I am thinking she has pretty much decided to stay.
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