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Bedroom mosquito nets?

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I was wondering if any of the ladies here have those beautiful mosquito nets that drape over the bed? As you know i wanted a beautiful elegant theme for my new bedroom when we move, and i was thinking of buying these. I've never seen them in shops before, so i'm going to have a look tonight. I was wondering though, would it be better of me to go to my discount store and DIY (buy lace curtains, fabric dye, plastic hoop etc) or purchase one?

Has anyone here got any photos of their own to share or ideas on what would be best? I'm really excited about this
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I don't have one but I know what you are talking about.

Before you go with that type of decor you might want to consider your cat(s). They may attempt to climb it, or snag/rip it with their claws during play. Then there is the whole cat hair clinging to it issue. Getting cat hair out of netting is next to impossible and netting isn't very vacuum friendly Plus those nets and canopy type beds are big time dust collectors and really exacerbate allergies.

They do look very pretty, but IMHO they aren't very practical outside of a magazine picture.
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Well i have those problems solved. The craziest one (Cleo) lives with tristan, and Charlie doesn't play much on my bed as i have a satin cover on the quilt which he slips about on, he just sleeps on the bed, plays elsewhere unless i encourage him. And he is white...soooo perhaps i will end up having white netting
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I have one, but never got around to hanging it up. Its pink and really girly Just like me LOL! But I believe I got mine at Claires in the mall.

But I am an interior design student so I have an idea!
Go to walmart or a fabric store and find some pretty netting matterial you like. Then go to the toy section and buy a hula hoop. Then crafts for spray paint and beading and outdoors for some fishing line. Just spray paint the hula hoop and attach the fabric and some beading to it if you want and viola mosquito net.
Or you can also get a piece of MDF and paint it pretty and then just bunch the fabric up and staple it to the mdf. They did that on trading spaces once I believe. You can also get some pretty curtain tie backs to hold it on the sides of the bed. If this is kinda confusing sorry! Message me and I can try to do a quick sketch for you!

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Here's a couple they don't cost that much, I think you are far better off buying one then trying to put one together. I used to have a bedroom done all in Safari with elephants, tigers and other animals, Bedspread and drapes and I took sheets and pleated them and stapled them on the wall ceiling to the top of the baseboard, It looked great... I had a black netting like the second on I put hooks on the ceiling about the bed and put the net up like the one in the second picture.. Have fun whatever you choose I love to decorate

The bedding was similar to this browns, blacks creams


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Silly thought, for something different, how about a square frame instead of round? Obviousely with the corners nice and smooth so the netting doesn't snag.

My artistic ego is taking over

Your suggestions have been great. And it doesn't seem too hard to make one if i buy premade lace curtains from the discount store and some fabric dye from a craft shop and embellishments as well.
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I have/had one When the cat brats were born and started getting mobile, I took it down. They used it as a jungle gym It's now in the top of my closet until they grow up more
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Ok well i actually found one and bought it It's plain white. There was bright pink or purple, and even though i love purple it was going to be a bit shocking. I bought red, purple and black fine ribbons to thread through the netting and make random bows to add elegance and colour. Best bit is it only cost $16($14us) brand new and it's big enough for any sized bed!

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