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I Have the Smartest Cat In The World!

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Any of you remember how Lazlo loves the bathroom? Well - sometimes we accidentally close the door on him and trap him in there. So I've been trying to teach him how to open the bathroom door. At least once a day I head in there and pet him until he wants out. Then, instead of opening the door for him, I put him on the toilet (lid closed, of course!), stand him up on his two back feet and place his front feet on the wall. Then I take his right paw, and push the little handle with it so the door pops open. (It's not a knob you turn, it's just a handle you push). (I also praise him to high heaven and give him some treats).

I haven't known for the past number of weeks whether he actually knows how to open the door, or if we just haven't trapped him in there.


This morning when Gary went in to shower, both Shelly and Lazlo were in there. (It's the first time for Shelly, and he must have thought he was going to have to take his turn because he was digging furiously at the carpet under the door to get out!). Well - in the middle of Gary's shower, the door pops open! And Gary (who didn't remember I've been spending time teaching Lazlo how to do this) starts hollering out to me that it was so amazing, I missed it - Lazlo just opened the bathroom door!!!! He couldn't believe it. I IMMEDIATELY ran to Lazlo and told him GOOD BOY!!! and gave him some treats! Then I reminded Gary what I'd been doing.


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Now he wont get trapped in the bathroom anymore! What a clever kitty!!!
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I always knew Lazlo was very smart!!! You could tell by his pictures!!

Way to go Lazlo!

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Yeah Lazlo!! That is a very smart cat indeed, Laurie!
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Way ta go, Lazlo!
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My cat Sam (went over the rainbow bridge) was an outdoor cat. We let him in the garage door all the time. When I would come home at night, I would shut and lock the door. In the morning the door to the garage would be wide open! My mother would get really mad at me!!!! Finally, she grounded me for leaving the door open for the umpteenth time. I swore to her I had shut and locked it. Then one day I found out why it kept opening. Sam had figured out that if he stuck his paw under the door, he could lift it up and it would open even if it was locked!!! I took my mother down stairs and put Sam outside and locked the door. Sure enough Sam put his paw under it and opened it. My mother apologized to me for punishing me! Cats are incredible animals and they are very smart!
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Smart Kitty!!!! ...I'm glad your mum apologized to you - but what kind of garage door opens WHEN IT IS LOCKED???? If I were mum, I think I'd be a little worried about that!
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Whoohooooo! Go Lazlo you smart kitty Now are you going to let Lazlo teach Shelly or are you going to give that a go as well...
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Way to go Lazlo!!! What a smartie!
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Wow, I'd pay to see that!
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Lazlo will probably teach the others. Fred has taught several other cats how to steal the earplugs out of my ears while I am asleep. He got locked out of the bedroom for doing it, so now if wants one, he has Georgia get it for him. Brats!
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Don't worry! They put a dead bolt on the door! You'd have a heck of a time getting that door open now!
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OMG!!!!! Way to go Lazlo!!!!!!! That is so cool!!!!!!!! I always knew cats were some of God's smartest creatures!!!!
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