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Pickles is home!!!!

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Hi everyone, just wanted to let you know that Pickles surgery went well. They believe they got enough to do the biopsy (they said they believe they got good margins), not totally sure what that meant, but am thrilled. He is in recovery and they said he is doing well. He should hopefully be home late tomorrow nite or early evening. We can't wait to get him home!!! They said it was a big incision about 10 inches, and he will have staples, (home he doesn't bother them). He has a ways to go but did as they said surprisingly well. Thank you all for the good vibes you sent and continue to send. I will be back soon, to let you know how his home coming goes. Thanks Again.
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So glad to hear things went well. Healing vibes for Pickles.
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Poor baby...but at least that's over with! Mega recovery vibes for him!
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Yay for pickles! Hope he's home with you soon and lots of healing vibes

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Just wanted to let everyone know Pickles is home from his surgery. He is doing well, appears to be alittle tired from the ordeal. He has 21 staples, but looks ok. The said his pre-op blood work showed a mild but consistent increase in creatinine a marker of renal function, but the value improved on 24 hours of fluid, but remains elevated at this time. He has a documented heart murmur, and the thoracic radiographs showed no significant abnormalitites at this time. The mass was removed and submitted to histopathology. He will have blood work in 14 days to have a renal profile and urinalysis to see how things are going. The will have the results in 3-5 days of the biopsy and will let us know what it showed. Thats the medical part of it.. Otherwise he seems ok, like I said alittle tired, he did eat when he first got home, so thats a good sign. He also has a little temperature in the hospital but they said it improved dramatically throughout the day before he came home, but we need to take it again tomorrow. I think he is just glad to be home, I think too the staples may hurt when he moves a certain way. So I am giving him extra love, and have moved a litter box to the first floor of our house (his is on the 2nd floor), so I am hoping he goes on the first floor, but I am sure he will know what he can and can't do. I am just so Happy he is here, I am planning on staying on the couch with him tonite to keep an eye on him. Well sorry for being so long, but wanted to "Thank" all my friends here. I will update again soon!!
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Thank you all so much!!! Pickles is so glad he has so many friends, and so am I bless you all!!
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It's so good to hear that the surgery went well. More vibes to Pickles for a speedy recovery and good results from the biopsy.
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