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Pictures of my family

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Hi all!

I have hundreds and hundreds of pictures of my cat family from the day they were born until the present day and thought I'd share some of my favourites with you. I'm slightly biased I know, but I think they're all gorgeous!

Here's one of my favourites:

There's a couple of hundred up on my Myspace page:
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What a pretty little kitty!
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Oh my! What a sweetie! Are you holding her in your hand? She looks so relaxed and content and even giving herself a bit of a wash
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Oh, how ADORABLE! A one-hander!!! Tell us all about him or her, won't you? And thank you for sharing and for adopting!
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What a little cutie.
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That's actaully my brother's hand, he was aiming for a series of the two kitties on one hand growing up. They've got a bit heavy for it now though! He got a brilliant picture there, I really love it.

That's Lily in the picture, she was the only girl in the litter and the only tabby and she was born nearly exactly three months to the day that my tabby cat of 12 years, Dancer had to be put to sleep due to kidney failure, so she's very special to me. She's the most trusting, quiet little cat, very affectionate - she purrs all the time but you can hardly hear her, as she's so quiet. While her brother only ever purrs for the dog but is really loud and vocal (he's a bit of a drama queen really!).

Here's Oscar's hand picture:

Lily age one or two days (Their mother was very trusting considering she's an independent animal who didn't actually live with us before she gave birth):

Oscar the same age:

And my Dancer, age eleven years, in the garden about six months before she died:

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They are beautiful...Dancer
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Oh wow they are gorgeous!
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ooohhh they are so cute, look at those baby pics.
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Lovely, lovely babies!
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Aw! I love their little toes! They're so tiny and cute!
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Yes, they were truly gorgeous babies, especially Lily. When I was stressed out at work I used to think of her sleeping upside down with her little baby paws in the air and smile. And Oscar's cute little pink feet and nose!

Due to them haing been handled so often they're both very trusting.

But really, I think that six months to a year is nearly the nices age - I really love Lily's cute hip wagging walk, which I remember that Dancer had at that age as well. It's when their personalities are really starting to come out at last.

Dancer was a stray as well, like Oscar and Lily, it was her mother that decided to adopt me rather than me picking her! We used to live in the countryside back then and one night a cat showed up on the windowsill, I went out to say hello and as she was hanging around I gave her some milk. Next thing, she goes off into the night and comes back with a kitten of about 6 weeks or so. Dancer stayed, but her mother left, although she did come back about a week later to make sure her kitten was alright. Never saw her again after that!

Dancer was a wonderful friend and a great companion and I really miss her.

Here she was in one of her more typical poses - she liked to sleep under her fleece blanket with nothing sticking out and wasn't too impressed with me stealing it to take this picture!

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Your cats are beautiful and the kitten pics are so cute!
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I haven't shown any of the kitten's mother yet. She's a very fearless and very outgoing, but not really the friendliest cat in the world - she's very indpendent and only likes you on her terms! She's got the longest legs of any cat I've ever seen - which led to grief when I put spot on wormer on her - she can scratch the back of her own neck and ran off into the night (should've locked the cat flap first!) foaming at the mouth! Fine again next day though...

The whole family the morning after they were born - this is another one of my favourite pictures - she was such a good protective mother - didn't leave their side for more than an hour a day for a month.

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look at the snuggle family, you have beautiful cats,
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They are both cute as can be, but baby Lily with her little feet up just stole my heart. I love little baby kitty toes, too. They are so soft. I would love to nibble on them just a little.
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