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Count how many crystals I have got now.

I don't know until I've counted them but I would like to share my list with all of you.

These are crystals I have got by the way.

My Gemstones

Agate 3
-Blue Lace 2
-Dendritic 1
-Fire 1
-Moss 2
Amazonite 1
Amethyst 1
Ametrine 1
Angelite 2
Apatite 1
Apophyllite 1
Aquamarine 1
Aventurine 2
Bloodstone 1
Blue John 1
Calcite, Black 1
Calcite, Yellow 1
Carnelian 1
Chiastolite Cross 1
Chrysoprase 1
Citrine 2
Emerald 1
Fluorite 1
Fluorite, clear 1
Fluorite, purple 1
Galena 1
Garnet 2
Hawks Eye 1
Hematite 1
Howlite 2
Howlite, blue 1
Iolite 1
Jade 2
Jasper 1
Jasper, brecciated 1
Jasper, orbicular 1
Lapis Lazuli 1
Malachite 2
Marble 1
Mookaite 1
Moonstone 2
Muscovite 2
Nebula Stone 1
Obsidian 1
Obsidian, black 1
-Apache Tear 1
-Snowflake 1
Opal, brown 1
Opal, yellow 1
Opalite, moss 1
Prehnite 1
Phyllite 1
Quartz 1
-Rose 1
-Rutilated 1
-Smoky 1
-Snow 2
-Tourmalinated 1
Rhodocrosite 1
Rhodonite 1
Rhyolite 1
Rhyolite, leopardskin 1
Ruby 1
Sardonyx 1
Serpentine 1
Sodalite 1
Sugilite 1
Sunstone 1
Tektite 1
Tiger’s Eye, blue 1
Tiger’s Eye, gold 3
Tiger’s Eye, red 1
Tiger Iron 1
Tourmaline, blue 1
Turquoise 2
Unakite 2
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Wow! You have quite the collection of crystals! Is there anything you don't have??
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Wow! I don't even know what half of them look like. Are they loose stones? Did you find them yourself or did you buy them? I'm sorry if these are stupid questions, but I'm amazed!!
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I bought most of them. I've still got one (not listed) that I've got to name and label.

There are some I don't have but they are mostly the expensive ones.
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I'm not going to even attempt to list mine. For one..i packed them away already! And i have a zillion just like you
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Most of mine are wrapped in paper and stored in an old, clean biscuit tin.

They are wrapped in paper for protection because even though they are tumbled (so harder than raw) I don't want them knocking each other.
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love to see some pictures of them. I am a geology student and love minerals
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I don't remember what exactly I've all got, but Rose Quartz is my favorite. I have Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Quartz, and Smokey Quartz. I have a few agate pieces and Snowflake Obsidian too. I know I have more but they are packed.

My favorite jewelry pieces have Rose Quartz or Amethyst.
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Gosh I need to organize my collection. I have no clue what some things are. Just that I like em!
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I currently have two Quartz crystals, one I wear daily and the other is put away. I love them, and would love to have more.
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I love my stones. I have several bowls of loose, polished ones in the living room, 2 fairly large polished crystals, one rose quartz, one amethyst, and my faves, 3 gorgeous rutilated quartz pendants. One is almost arrowhead shaped, set in heavy silver, with a big blue topaz at the top, one is about the size of a quarter with a silver setting with a citrine, amethyst, garnet, in a quarter moon shaped setting around the top, and an it swings from an inverted moon shaped bail where the chain threads through the whole back of it. I was lucky enough to win the ebay auction for it. I think it is one of the pretiest pieces I have, and I have been collecting stones and stone jewelry for most of my teen and adult life. I have a life long fascination with stones.
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Originally Posted by conbrio View Post
love to see some pictures of them. I am a geology student and love minerals
I would, only it would take forever to take photos of them all and post them. Also Beauty would probably start getting jealous of the digital camera because I would be paying more attention to it than I would her.

Bless her though.
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Any of you ever learn about crystal healing? Not sure who believes in that type of stuff on here! I might be taking a workshop on it soon
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I have a polished slice of a geo. It's whole, no space in the middle. It looks purple in your hand but if you hold it up to the light, it's almost a yellowish. I don't know what type of gemstone can do that. I used to have a purple quartz cluster but that was when I was around 5, so like any other typical kid, I lost it. I keep the geo slice in my jewelry box.
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