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My First Kitty! Question about exercise and food!

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This is my first post on this forum and I am very happy to have come across it!! Two weeks ago, I go my first kitty!! I have wanted a cat ALL my life and finally after graduating from college and getting my own place, I am fostering a kitty from a rescue organization that I plan to adopt in the near future. It's so exciting and I look forward to going home everyday to see her!!

Her name is Nina, and she is a 6 1/2 month old medium haired calico kitten who is the sweetest cat ever!! Her background is that some guy found her at walking around a parking lot at about 8 weeks old and brought her to the rescue and they have had her ever since.. she's been fixed and is healthy. She lived one of the rescue owners house with almost 30 other cats.. the rescue ppl told me that when she first came she was like any other kitten, very playful and jumping around etc.. however, she was bullied my one of the other older cats who played with her like she was a toy (the other cat wasn't trying to hurt her but she didn't like that). Anyways, over time she became she quiet and timid, usually curled up on a bed sleeping. After I got her (which has only been two weeks), she has gotten the attention she deserves and she a definitely a lap cat!! She loves to be brushed, petted and will do anything to sit on my lap and curl up and go to sleep. When my friends come over she loves to be petted by them as well. I don't think she likes being alone b/c when I come back from work she is usually under the bed and then comes out and rubs against me. She doesn't vocalize much, is very obidient and has never scratched or bitten. The thing I'm worried about is that she does not play AT ALL!! I've bought her various toys and try to play with her, but she might bat the feather toy once and then just looks up at me. Although she is only 4 pounds now (small for her age), I wish she would still get more excercise. She doesn't run or jump or play, and sleeps pretty much all day AND night!

How can I get her to play or at least get exercise???

Another question, I am currently switching her food from IAMs kitten to Purina ONE kitten (b/c I was told purina is better than Iams) and I hope to switch from that to Nutro Natural choice for kittens. Unfortunately, pet stores are really far from where I live so I usually am forced to shop at Walmart, target, kroger, publix etc..but i will try to make a trip to get the Nutro brand I've heard so much about. At rescue gave me nutro max canned food, but I just ran out, so is it better for me to get, pet canned food (what I can find in the grocery stores, like friskes, 9 lives, etc..) or feed her human baby food?? If it is the pet food, what brand should I get, and if it is the baby food, what flavors/food should I get??

I know this is really long!! But I love talking about Nina and want her to be healthy and happy. And I'm sure I'll have some more questions soon b/c it looks like she may have a kitty cold (any suggestions for that.. and also should I cover her w/ a blanket at night when it gets cold)..

Thanks so much for reading this, I appreciate all the help!!

Oh, and I'll post pictures of my kitty soon!!
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Foster and smith is avail at Target ... very premium thou I dont like some of the ingrediants

natural life at walmart ...

Purina Naturals is IMHO better than one NO animal by products

I answered canned on the other thread
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Thanks for the reply! I was going to get Purina Naturals, but I thought until they are 1 year old, kittens must have 'kitten' food?? So in your opinion would you say Purina ONE kitten is better or Purina Naturals (which says adult cat)... I couldn't decide at the grocery store, even after reading the labels.. thanks

any ideas on how to get her to play??
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different cats like different things.. My RB Kandie liked the plastic of the milk jug .. Zoey thinks the cat dancer was designed just for her
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