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Something is wrong with Isabel...

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Isabel is 4 months old, she has a herniated belly button that will be fixed in December when she is spayed.
I took her to the Vet on Saturday, because I wanted them to check on the hernia, because I thought it was getting bigger and to finish up her shots. They reassured me that the hernia is fine, and not to worry.
When they checked her temperature,it was 103 degrees farenheit.
At first they wanted to do a test to check for FeLV, but since her mom had already tested negative they decided the chance of it being FeLV was very very low.
They then decided that perhaps the temp was just stress induced.
So they sent us home, and just told us to keep an eye on her. The rest of Saturday she slept, on Sunday & Monday she played a little bit.
Yesterday, she slept all day long. Usually she will follow you around all day and meow and talk. But now all she does is sleep, and if you wake her up she meows and whines.
She is still drinking, using the bathroom, and when you lay down next to her she purrs just a little.
Do you think I am being worried for nothing? She's usually so playful, and now she won't hardly move!
I am taking her to the vet today at 2pm.
Could it be FeLV even though her mom was negative?
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I think taking her back to the vet is the right thing to do
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Keith (DH) has her at the vet right now, he just texted me and told me her temp is 104.7!!!! I need vibes guys...please..
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Let us now what you find out from the vet. In the mean time, here's some healthy kitty vibes for Isabel.
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I'm sending vibes and prayers for Isabel to be ok and for her temperature to be normal ASAP. Vibes for her worried meowmy, too!
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Aww we hope Isabel is going to be okay!
For everything to go well for miss Isabel!
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Oh my... that's not good. Hope they can find out what's wrong with her and get her fixed up.
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It's autumn, when all the viruses come out to play. I wouldn't panic about FeLV at this point, there are a lot of other less serious things it could be, so try not to focus on just that possibility. Is she still eating?
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She ate a few pieces of dry food last night, and drank a LOT of water.
They're running blood tests on her right now.......
Thank SOO much for the vibes everyone!
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