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purebred out of mixes?

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I was wondering if anyone could put my mind at ease, once and for all (I hate these little ideas that dance in the back of my head, but that I can't answer!) I was wondering if anyone knew if you could get a more or less purebred cat out of a mixed breed crossing? I got a kitten about 3 months ago (he's now 5 months old) from a woman who was giving kittens away for free (her queen had had an unwanted litter). The mother was a calico, and I have no idea who the father was, but the kitten we got (Elmo) looks and acts like the spitting image of a Turkish Van. I have pictures of him, which I can't post, because I use Geocities. If you'd like to see him, please e-mail me.
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NO,Even if the cat looks like a purbred it can not be registered as such if the father or the mother is not registered. If the cat looks purebred to you then thats what matters.
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No you can't. Every mating mixes the genes of both the father & the mother. So, even if the kitten looks like a purebred, it is still made up of 50% mum & 50% dad's genes.

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