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Three A.M.

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Why is Popsie waking me up at three in the morning? That time is not connected to anything like feeding time or a time I use to get up. It can't even be because of the time change because that would make it four and on DHs work days we don't get up till' 5:30. I just can't figure out what the deal is. Any ideas?
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I wish I had an answer for you because Taco has decided he's going to start doing the same thing. He bugged me for an hour this morning, rubbing against my face and purring loudly in my ear. It's very unlike him.
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Maisie is the same. Usually around 3am she will start yowling and if I go and look she usually has her cat-nip mouse in her mouth but she`s not done it for a while.

I think it`s just a time when they are more active, the small hours of the morning, and it`s quite common in elderly cats.
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My girl always comes to meow at me around 2:30 am - in my case, as I hit menapause, I find that I sometimes have to get up around 2:00 or so to visit the bathroom.

First time I did this, Dharma appeared and of course I petted her, etc. Oops, pattern was set - they have such good memories when they want to!

Also, I do believe mine are somewhat active around 2:00 to 3:00 in the mroning anyway, so if there's a hint I'm even half-awake, I get a good visit! Can't even turn over without having someone jump in bed to see if my eyes are open!
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Cats are more nocturnal so it's natural for them to be active and want us to be too at that time. Wickett was doing the same thing and still wakes me most mornings at 4:30ish but I just shut the bedroom door and go back to bed. It took a few nights but he gradually got the hint and waited later and later... eventually he was waiting until minutes before my alarm.... then the time changed!
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My Zane sometimes wakes me up at oh-dark-hundred, but usually just to get a little petting, after which he curls up next to me and goes back to sleep.

All cats sleep a lot, but I think that Zane does more than most.
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Carly starts singing to her favorite toy of the moment between 3:00 am and 5:00 am. She has done it from the beginning with us. I tried to ignore her for the first year. Now I just get her to lay down on the bed and she goes to sleep,
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George needs his 4:30 snuggle fix. First he sits on me until he gets my attention and then he'll lay down on my chest and play with my hair and ear. He's then off to do whatever until my alarm goes off (6 am). We do this EVERY morning! If he wasn't so darn cute, I'd be mad.
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