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very sad

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hi, i'm new to this....I was just looking for some ideas on how to help get over the death of my cat. I just had him put to sleeep yesterday ( he was only 3 years old, and diagnosed with FIP )All I can do is cry ,it's just so un-fair. He was the love of my life and I wanted to spend a good 20 years with him, and now he's gone. I just hope I made the right decision....I do have a 5month old kitten at home and now i hope she doesn't get FIP. It so hard to be loving and playful with her, when I'm so sad.
Well, I guess that's all, any helpful words would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.
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I'm so sorry you're going through this. Unfortunately, I have no easy answer for you. You will mourn, and that's perfectly natural and desirable. Your heart is broken. Most of us have suffered the loss of a pet, and we understand the depth of your pain. Your cat was very special, and can't be replaced. Continue to post as long as we can be helpful by just understanding and encouraging. And get the tears out. You need to cry.

There is one thing that helps me after a loss and that is keeping very busy. You need a break from the grief for at least a little while. The pain will become a bit easier to take in time, but you will always remember and miss your pet. Of course you will take care of your kitten; she needs you, and will be missing her friend too. I hope she soon brings a smile to your face. You have my sympathy and prayers for peace of mind. Remember that all of God's children and creatures are special to Him. God bless.
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skmartin, I'm so sorry for your loss and it's especially hard when the cat is still quite young. I have heard that quality of life is more important to a cat than quanity. Your cat spent his time with you in a good, loving home and was happy. I hope your kitten will continue to be healthy, and my thoughts are with you.
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Thank you Lorie and Jeanie for your kind words and thoughts, it really means a lot. My kitten will be tested on feb.5th so keep your fingers crossed for us. It is so nice to know that there are people out there who love their pets as much as we do-when there are so many animals suffering.
Well, thanks again!
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I am so sorry about your cat. (((HUGS)))

Good luck with your cat at the vet!
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I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. Since my cat's last visit to the vet when I found out that her kidney's were begining to fail a little more, I've had some very bad days. I decided to get a book. I'm not sure who the author is, but I do know that if you have a Barnes & Noble anywhere around you in the pet section that had like 6 books on pet greif. I'm also drawing a blank on the name of the one I have, but if your intrested just let me know & I'll make sure to post it here. I have also found that if you go to some of the other sites for pet loss the people there are always wonderful & I know that everyone here is great too & have been there when I needed them. Your in my thoughts & prayers.
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i am so sorry for your loss.
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IM so sorry of your loss
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Talk talk talk talk...that's the only thing that helped ease my pain just a little bit when I had my cat put to sleep last december... and it won't take away your pain...but it will help you deal with it. I am still sad every day, my heart goes out to you. Any time you feel sad, post a message, send an email or a private message, share your feelings and don't be ashamed to be sad. There are a lot of really wonderful people on this forum, I speak from experience. Share your stories about your cats and laugh and cry with us. I pray your kitten will be fine, I'm keeping you in my thoughts!
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Thank you again to everyone for your kind words and thoughts. It really helps. Well, it's been 4 days now since KC passed on....today is (so far) the first day with no tears and even a few smiles. We just got some pictures developed that I didn't know what wuold be on them. There were some beautiful pictures of my little boy (that's what I always called him). He was sitting out side in the middle of my flower garden, so happy. That is how I would like to think he is now. I wish I could show you the pictures, they are just so great.
I am also taking pleasure in spending time with our kitten, Aries. She is such a love, she knows we are sad and cuddles a lot. She also just learned to fetch, which is so funny you just have to laugh.
Well, that's all for now, except, I have to say how thankful that this web-sit exists. Thank you to all!
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I'm so glad you had those pictures! You'll never forget your baby, regardless, but it's great to have those happy memories. I'm glad you had a bit of a rest today from the terrible sadness. Please post here as often as you like, and check out the other forums for all sorts of educational, entertaining, and just for fun subjects.
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skmartin, I lost my soul mate on 13 December 2001 and only yesterday I shed tears for the grief of losing him. He was 17 but I don't think age matters. I think it is the connectedness with that special kitty. I feel for you, but I feel sure in my heart that you made the right decision. Don't deny yourself the right to feel the very real pain of losing a special soul.
My thoughts are with you.
Diann in Australia
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I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. I know exactly how you feel, I have lost 2 furbabies in the past 2 months and it has been so hard and you are right it is not fair! Just keep remembering the good times and keep looking at pictures. I always look at the pictures of my babies and I laugh at some of the funny things they used to do, it really helps. Time will heal all wounds. Just remember there are a lot of caring people on this board that will certainly give you a shoulder whenever you need it.

God Bless!

I will tell my Angels (Magic and Tigger) to watch out for your little one.
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