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Rio got adopted

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Rio my cuterebra (sp?) foster kitten with the flat nose got adopted yesterday by an awesome couple who rescued another kitten that had a cuterebra so they knew all about it and they werent disgusted.

It was kinda funny how things happened. The people came in to look at a Ragdoll that just became available. She was just what they were looking for but she just wasnt touching their heart. They were there 3 hours playing with her and talking about it when I came in to get Rio, Jersey, Montana and Dakota vaccinated.

The lady who was doing the adoption fostered Rio when he first came into the rescue and was really sick. So everytime I bring him in she takes him out and cuddles with him. Rio is always willing to cuddle with anyone. I went to sign them in and Dee was telling them all about him and then they asked if they could hold him.

It took me about 2 minutes to sign them in and when I came back over to the three of them they looked at me and said we want him if you would feel comfortable with that. He won them over that quick! They were there 3 hours with the other cat and I wasnt even supposed to bring Rio that day but I figured he might as well go in too so I wouldnt have to make more then one trip in one week.

I already got several calls from them telling me how well hes doing and thanking me for letting them have such an awesome kitten!
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YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is such an awesome story Congrats to Rio and his new family
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That is wonderful news that Rio got adopted!
Even more wonderful is that they are happy & so is Rio! :
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certainly this made my day a good new!!
hooray for Rio!..
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Thanks everyone Im really happy for Rio but it was very hard to let him go. After Peek died I was thinking about adopting him. But I know I did the right thing adopting him to those people. They were a perfect match for him and he has had no trouble adjusting to their house. They thought he would hide at first but he never did. They said he has hardly gotten off their laps since they brought him home.

Here's a picture of him when he was much smaller. And before his nose totally caved in.
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That's wonderful news!! Yay for Rio and his new forever meowmy and daddy!
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That is wonderful news!!
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