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Well, now I'm stumped. Mewpurr was acting so ready to pop. Now she's acting as if she's not pregnant. She was sticking to me like glue, looking for place to hide. I have her cage up and ready with her bed, litterbox, and food dish in it. She no longer goes near it. She is back to seeking attention from anyone and everyone. Her appearrance even seems to have changed some. Her belly is still large but the rest of her seems to be growing now too. I don't get it. Jaspurr has really been, excuse my expression but he's really been up her butt today. Constantly sniffing her there. Does anyone know some good ways to tell if she is indeed pregnant? Could she have miscarried? I think I feel the babies moving still but I'm afaid to do anything more than just rest my hand on her side. I'm begining to doubt everything. If I wasn't in such a financial bind right now I'd take her to the vet for a check up and find out but that will have to wait until March. Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated. If it were an emergency I'd take her in but she seems healthy and happier than she has been in at least a week.

Thanks for all your help.
Sincerely, Joan/catmagnet
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Joan, I'm going to split this thread with your questions and put it in the Health and Nutrition where our experts can help you with Mewpurr.
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This sounds like exactly what I went thru with my first litter. My girl was huge and I thought ready to pop. Then one morning I came in to see her much skinnier and I was terrified. I called the vet and they reminded me that he kittens have to drop! They where all in her pelvis area now and she looked much thinner. She had them later that day.
Keep a close eye on her!
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