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Pregnant Kitty

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Hi there
I have 3 British Shorthair Cats, 2 males and 1 female who is 57 days pregnant today. She is very healthy and everything has been going by the book. There seem to be lots of different advice on number of days they are normally pregnant, I guess it is like a human and it should really happen when it wants to! The only thing that is concerning me is that she has not yet started trying to find her hidey hole! She is very much still around the family and I must admit she is following me around rather a lot, we have 4 children and she is amongst us prety much all the time. This is her first litter. Please can someone advise.
Thanks x
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There might be too much commotion going on. She could be putting it off until she feels comfortable. I would confine her to a small quiet room and leave her there until the babies are older. She needs the peace and security away from the other pets and children.

She should also be completely seperated from the male cats if they aren't neutered yet so that they don't try to mate with her or even just bother her while she is pregnant. If they aren't neutered, she should be anywhere near them until she is spayed and they are neutered.
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When the kittens are born I have a large cage called a cat park for her and them, it has a top opener so she will be able to get in and out for the litter tray and food etc. The problem is that she is so secure with us all, she sleeps with all of us throughout the night, she tends to go from one of us to the other and to her we (especially me and my oldest daughter) are her security. She follows me around to see what I am doing and has since becoming pregnant become the most adorable softie. She is quite happy for me to lay my hand on her tummy to feel the movements. Bless her! I wanted her really to start trying to find somewhere (nesting instinct) before I have to lock her away!!! I don't want to stress her out and that is what tends to happen if she is stuck in one room.
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I would separate her from the males now. If she has the kittens at night or when you can't supervise, the kittens will be a risk from the males. Or - Mom cat having kittens - males prowling around to see what's happening - Mom cat gets defensive attacks males-see what I mean? Much less stress for everybody if she's in a secure, quiet area.

Keep us posted on what happens.
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Thanks for your replies. the males are kept downstairs at night and then Lola has the rest of the house. I will try and keep the males apart from her in the day too now just in case. They are not bothered by her at all at the moment. They are seperated if I go out just incase anything happens! Hopefully she will soon want to hide away and then she will be happy in my bedroom with her lovely posh pen!!
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Is this intentional breeding, or a practice before you decide on intentional breeding, or an accident? Just wondering.

Good luck with the kittens, someone on here has just waited until day 68 until her girl had her kittens, so it's normal. When Ziggy had her kittens she had them in a very unlikely place. Somewhere she never goes. Under my son's bed. Keep a close eye on her in case you lose her in the house somewhere!!! Also, Ziggy didn't show any nesting behaviour, and she was cuddly throughout the pregnancy, and ate loads. 12 hours before a runny fluid started to drip from her, that how I knew it wasn't long.
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A bit of both to be honest! She is a British Shorthair Blue Golden which is quite rare. I am swayed between being absolutely so into my cats and looking forward to (yes even the hard work) rearing the kittens but the more sensible side of me says, no more kittens, there are toomany people breeding and too many accidents so at this moment in time I feel that I will get the cats spayed/neutered. We were away for a few days and my neighbour was looking after the cats. the day we got back the children were sat having their breakfast and we were like don't look kids (!) as the cats were quite happily mating in front of us! It was too late to do anything! Lola had not come into heat before and we had not had them done becuase we had a previous cat who died (about 8 months ago) from FIP so the vets said don't put them through it until we know all of them are clear, which they are but time has ticked on and here we are!

I can see the same thing happening as you as Lola likes to be under a bed!! I can't go anywhere at the moment without her being by the side of me! She is 60 days today and I must admit I am very excited! I am keeping an eye on her and her behaviour and I guess they will come when they are ready!!

Thanks you so much for all the advice, it is so nice to know that there are people there to ask!!
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Not a problem, just want to check tho9ugh, the cats you have didn't come from the same breeder did they? If they did, you could have some birth defects if they shared a dad, or were from the same litter. It'll tell you on their papers.

Good Luck again with the birth of your kittens!! Keep us posted!!
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My worries too. They do share the same father. I have consulted a breeder though (who was going to provide the stud if we were going to breed) and she has given us advice. She has said that halfs are fine as long as they are not full brother and sister. She also said that most pedigree cats have become the way they are as breeders make the line strong by doing exactly that. If the cats have a strong gene of some kind then it makes mthe kittens strong in that gene too. I must admit I was unsure at the beginning and we consulted our vet who told us the same thing as well as the ever useful internet. x
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Just to add too that this isn't our ideal situation either, we would have much rather used a stud who wasn't related as I do know that if they have any genetic problems then that too is accelerated but it has happened and should we decide to breed then we would go down our preferred route which is unrelated studs. The vet has said what healthy cats they are and they are a great example of British Shorthairs. I will post some pics too.
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Just thought I would post an update on Lola.

She is 62 days today! She is still following me around. She is still playful and enjoying her food. Her tummy seems huge and everytime I go to stroke her she rolls on to to her back so I can stroke her tummy! If I lay my hand on her I can sometimes feel very hard bits of kitten! She still wants to be part of the family and even cries at the door for the boy cats!! I let them see her for a bit while I am around and yesterday she layed on my bed with one of them and they had a little sleep together! Her nipples seem to be huge! I thought they were big before but they have become so prominent over the past couple of days! She is also getting to the stage where she is plonking herself down rather than gracefully laying down, I can almost hear her groaning with the weight of her tummy!

Anyway, I have got my basket ready with all the necessaries and I feel like an expectant mother myself! I keep tidying up!
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Still waiting!!!!!
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Do you have any pictures? I would love to see her big fat belly!

Edited to add: and of course I would love to see her babies when the arrive and as they grow.
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Is there any milk seeping from the nipples? Because they are so big it is very close. You may see some milk 2 days or so before. I didn't with Ziggy, but I didn't know about it. Keep your eyes peeled!!

Also, Ziggy was still eating loads right up to the birth. She didn't cut down at all.
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I can see no milk! I have been looking! She is still munching on her food today! One thing though is that she looks a bit delicate today, that is the only word I can think of to sum her up! She is still following me round and she isn't nesting, she just goes to sleep wherever I am! I have been looking for the signs but as yet there have been none! The kittens are still moving around in her tummy and all seems ok. I will take a photo of her and post it on her.
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That is when I work out how to put the photos on!!!
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cats can have a gap in between there due dates, its hard to tell exactali when they were concieved..thats just my oponion , but my cats last birthing was just weird!!! we had all kinds of nook and crannnys and nesting places and she had one kitten in my daughters bed while she was sleeping!!! ok that is like so not a quiet place, then a hour later mommy cat jumps in my bed!! and has another kitten weird huh...but as far as nesting some cats just dont do that,( i guess our cat loves us lol)
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Last night Lola had 2 kittens! There was a 3rd sac containing something but it had obviously never developed into anything. But we will not dwell on that, 2 babies!!

Quite typically we were all ill with a tummy bug. My husband had taken the kids to bed with him and I had gone to pick up my daughter. When I got back I said to my duaghter that Lola had not come down to greet us and how strange etc but we carried on. Then Lola came down the stairs meowing at us, at this point we noticed blood on her tail. I went upstairs to find the first one squeaking right by the entrance to the cage. Lola had obviolusy freaked out a bit because it still had placenta and cord on it. I took it down to Lola who hissed at it! So I cut the cord and wrapped it in a blanket. A few minutes later Lola grabbed the kitten and ran upstairs into my boys bedroom and dashed into a drawer that was open! She then started to lick the kitten so phew!! Then this sac thing arrived which she just totally ignored so I picked it up and it was just fluid and a tiny little peice of tissue. I threw it away because she wasn't interested. Then she had about an hour at which stage we just kept checking up on her and then all of a sudden there was the second kitten. She didn't moan or anything bless her!!!! This one she cleaned up and ate the placenta and cut the cord. She is such a good mum!! ANyway this morning I had to move her because the boys bedroom certainly isn't the safest place for her! We tried to pop them all in the cage so she would feel they are safe yet she can still get in and out to feed etc but no, she has taken them under my bed! I am going to leave her be. She is tired and is happily feeding them. I have locked the door on my room so the kids can't keep going in and out.

The nice thing is that she is still happy to be stroked and purrs even louder when you do!! She is also ok with me going near the kittens.

Can someone tell me how to put some photos on??

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I THINK (and maybe I'm wrong) that you go to or or a photo hosting site and host the photos...
Then type in here,

[IMG]url here[/IMG]
Hopefully that's right

If not we'll soon find out, I'm only a newbie!
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oh my gosh, they are SO cute.
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They are soo lovely!

The only problem I am having now is the fact that the door to my bedroom is kept closed but Lola is coming to the door and pulling the carpet up to try and get out. I am so worried that she is going to put the kittens brhind the door and you literally have to shove it open because of the carpet!! I think Lola is trying to find us as when we then come into the room she hoes back to the kittens. I don't want to open the door not just becaused of the boy cats but because I am worried she may put one down by the railings of the stairs!!!
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Originally Posted by pussygalore44 View Post
They are soo lovely!

The only problem I am having now is the fact that the door to my bedroom is kept closed but Lola is coming to the door and pulling the carpet up to try and get out. I am so worried that she is going to put the kittens brhind the door and you literally have to shove it open because of the carpet!! I think Lola is trying to find us as when we then come into the room she hoes back to the kittens. I don't want to open the door not just becaused of the boy cats but because I am worried she may put one down by the railings of the stairs!!!
Can her and the kittens be moved downstairs?
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I would say that you can move them all now. When I moved Ziggy, she seemed happy with where ever she was put, so long as she was with them, except for the living room where it it more hectic, she would carry them back out.

Do you have a room that can be closed off that doesn't have carpet? Like a bathroom, or something?

Congrats by the way, they are very cute!!
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they are adorable, I little kitties
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