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Pregnant Cat Worried

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Hi here is my story.

I went away on holiday on the 7th of september and I left my cat at with my mum and dad, Unfortunately my cat managed to climb up a wardrobe and jump through a gap at the top of a window. She was missing for the whole day on the 9th of september. Now was only 11 months old and was due to get spayed with our other kitten who was 4 months

Since coming back from holidays we have established that she must have got caught whilst out as she is now pregnant. The cat is an indoor cat and does not get outside.

I have already managed to get homes for up to 5 kittens by family members and friends, such is the popularity of my cat. So homing shouldn't be a problem.

Now its been 66 days since the 9th and My cat looks like she is about to explode yet there has been no signs that she will give birth at all soon. She is very restlesss and can no longer seem to get comfy anywhere. According to my mum who has 2 litters of kittens before , the cat is ver big for her size. Should I be getting worried at this stage or is this normal?

My Cat Jo is a cream coloured short hair and is still eating very well on both dry and wet food. Both cats are feed hills wet food and pro plan kitten dry.

Any opinions welcomed as I am getting worried.
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I think that that restlessness is the sign that she is ready to give birth. Has she choosen a nest?
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she keeps changing spots. She hasn't really settled on one spot yet.
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Some cats show symptoms before giving birth - but Elsa didn't. Except for not being able to lay down except on her back - she didn't stop eating, or start nesting.

Best of luck!
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Finally mum has had her kittens all FIVE of them.

Four are ginger like her mum and one is tortise shell. Odd ball of the litter. All seem to be doing fine after finding a nipple each.

Will post some pics as soon as i can.

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Wow, you have a very beautiful cat!! Do you know what sexes they are? (tortie is probably female) Just as well you found homes for FIVE as you could have had some diasppointed adoptive parents on your hands.

Congratulations. Please keep us updated as they grow.
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Couple of pics from this morning as promised:

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The odd one isn't a tortie. It's a brown tabby, I don't see any red and thery are definatelt tabby markings. Have you sexed them yet? They are lovely.
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the tabby one has tufts of red going through it will post a better picture of her later today.

as for sexes I think I have managed to work out what they are and there all boys bar the tabby.
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If it has some red then it would be considered a patched tabby, or a torbie, not a tortie. She is very likely to be female. Just thought I'd let you know.

Even a second look make me go aaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwww
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Dad's most likely black, so the two-colored one would be a girl, and the ones that are orange would have to be boys then.
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Good job with everything. Look at them, they're happy! Good job everyone involved should geta standding ovation!!

Glitch's Earth Mommy

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