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You forgot 3 things to go with vegemite sandwiches for everyone!


Moro bars! (well and crunchie bars too)

Don't forget one of my favourite lollies. Jaffas!

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I want chicken twisties! My coworker brought them back from a trip home. They were yummy!
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I love twisties! How I miss them!

Here is a bag for you Jan!


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I'll order a truckload -- we can have a twistie party!

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I love tim tams - theres an australian store in town, owned by a true blue aussie woman, woohoo, she sells aussie food and has a cafe upstairs. SHe has offered to order me mince pies. I cant wait!
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She also brought back crackers with seaweed in them. I have no idea wha they were called, but they were good. Suddenly I am getting hungry...
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Okay me Mates!!!!!!

I think I should start a mail order company for Aussie goods! So you guys let me know what you want and I'll post it!!!

Now excuse me I have to eat my Twisties dunked in Milo!
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*gasp* I've never heard of these. But I have heard of Australia never having Smarties and Sunny Delight and Neo-Citran.
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We DO have Smarties! They're chocolate discs coated in a hard candy shell, a bit like M&Ms - is that what Smarties are like in the US/Canada? (I don't eat them, personally).

We don't have Sunny Delight or Neo-Citran, as far as I am aware.

Boo. now I want chocolate.
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I love smarties!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Smarties here in the US are small, almost chalk-like candies without a chocolate shell. That doesn't sound too appetizing, but they are SO addicting.

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Nope, they are different from Aussie smarties.
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Smarties in canada are about the same size as M&M's but different colored candy shell
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The Canadian ones sound like the Australian ones
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LDG Sent me those smarties in a bag! AND I WANT MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't live without them, I dream of them hmmmmmmmm where can I get them! Tell me!!! Tell me NOWWWWWWWwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!! *ahem* sorry! I got addicted to the little bu*#*rs
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Originally posted by manomi
These are the Smarties in Canada.

The chalk-like one's okeefcl was mentioning are called Rockets here in Canada (and are usually only consumed at Halloween!).

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Originally posted by Bundylee
LDG Sent me those smarties in a bag! AND I WANT MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't live without them, I dream of them hmmmmmmmm where can I get them! Tell me!!! Tell me NOWWWWWWWwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!! *ahem* sorry! I got addicted to the little bu*#*rs
Which ones did she send you? I could send you some Canadian ones, but I'd have to wait until Halloween to get the American ones.

edit: I'm such a loser, lol. "In a bag". I swear I passed first grade, really! So I'm guessing those are the American ones. I could send you some for Halloween, Bundy!
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Ahhh yes please!!!!!!!!!!! *frowns* I have to wait till October??? I am having withdrawal symptoms! *breaths deeply* Okay that's better! That would be great!!! We can do a lollie/candy swap for Halloween!! *pauses and starts thinking of a new thread for Halloween!!!* Ummmm If I send you copious amounts of money will you send me copious bags???? *starts to drool* It's all Lauries fault! She got me hooked!!! Must get candy..........musttttttttt....... *dribble*

*Thinks about a Halloween Thread like the valentine one and the secret santa one!!! Hmmm*
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I will send you smarties if you send me twisties!!
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I can get twisties in this town Jan. I will check out the price and see if I can get some sent to you if you want?
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Do you guys have Picnic bars?

They are really ugly to look at (they've based a whole ad campaign around their ugliness )

I can't find a picture of an unwrapped one, but this is Cadbury's description:

Combine thin delicate fingers of crisp wafer, the irresistible temptation of chewy caramel with the goodness of rice crisps, all generously encased in rich Cadbury chocolate....and you’ve got yourself ...... one pretty big, ugly looking chocolate bar really.

Cadbury Picnic. Deliciously Ugly.
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I've never seen 'Picnic' in Canada. It sounds good. Most like all the other bars here. I would LOVE to try some of these Australian things. I heard Vegemite is awsome from some of my co-workers, one of them just returned from Australia with such a TAN! Damn girl! I couldn't tan if my life depended on it!

Anyways, I'd be willing to swap some canadian stuff for non-canadian stuff anytime!
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I have never liked picnic bars. Yuck!
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I too would be interested in a food swap! We have an asian market near us, so I get a LOT of japanese and other asian foods. I've seen Milo there, and of course there's tons of different crackers with seaweed. But not twisties or any of those candy bars! It's odd, that even Canada, which is so close to the US, has different candy bars than we do! Let me know if anyone wants any US foods!
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I would be willing to send anyone anything they wanted if someone would just send me some candy smarties pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!
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Oh!!! I'll do a snack swap!!!!! Smarties heading out to those that want some.

Just send me a PM with your address!
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excellent!!!!! What do you want in return???
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hmmmmm.....I don't even know. I love surprises though!!!!
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