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Cat Headlines for May

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Just putting on record last weeks headlines...

Protesters, Naval Bases At War Over Feral Cats - Yahoo News - May-04-2001\t

Pets lost at Grand Canyon have friends at park kennel - The Arizona Daily Sun - May-06-2001

Bill looks to collar pet overpopulation - DailyNews.com - May-05-2001

Cat survives mammoth journey trapped in shipping container - Ananova.com - May-03-2001
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Fur flying in a fight to protect backyard birds - Boston Globes - May-12-2001

Couple charged after abandoning animals - Bismarck Tribune - May-10-2001

Pet Owners Get Into Cat Fight With Neighbor - NewsNet5.com - May-10-2001

When a cat is stranded atop a utility pole next to high-voltage wires, who do you call for help? - NewHAvenRegister.com - May-09-2001
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Happy birthday to mew - world's oldest cat is 31
Ananova.com - May-19-2001\t\t

Moggy's Fine Again
SouthLondon.com - May-18-2001\t\t\t\t

Protestors discover BU students charged in killing cat
Waco Tribune-Herald - May-17-2001

Kitten chews off one leg...
San Diego Union Tribune - May-18-2001

An ark for felines
Shanghai Star - May-10-2001
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cyberlife without an Anne in it? Thanks for all your hard work Anne, and thanks for not just putting up grisly cat headlines too. It is nice to read happy things about cats, especially those of us in rescue work. A 31 year old cat! WOW!
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Glad you like them
Here's the last batch for May. Check out the new ones on the main page soon later today.

Mobile rabies clinics to start this Saturday
Selma Times-Journal - May 27, 2001

Ugly Cat Finds A Home
Sky.com - May 25, 2001

Started with 2 felines - 'All of a sudden' there were 196
San Francisco Chronicle - May 25, 2001

Video games for felines
ZDNet - May 25, 2001

Attack Cat Exiled From Library
Library Journal - May 28, 2001
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