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i refuse to grow up

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So when i stopped this morning at the store i noticed this

all i could think of, it would be cool to have sitting next to my computer desk so yea, i got it.

hmm now i wonder what the cats with will think,
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haha! I'd love one of those too!

I couldn't see it with the link you provided. Might be a session thing. I typed Squawkers into the search area there found it that way.
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oh hmm maybe this link would work better

heh i always wanted a real one, but i guess this will do just fine hehe.
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I have the real deal......wonder how Murphy would feel about faux competition?
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I saw it in WalMart the other day - was kinda cool - but too pricey for me
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That wouldn't last an hour in my house! Snicker would think it was dinner, and the cats would finish it up.

hmmm...are you sure you and my husband aren't related??
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Bruce, I've seen them at the toystore. They are really great!
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Next time you help out the support desk, put Squawkers on the phone
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Oh that's too funny! Let us know what the cats think of it!
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Lmao. Mum bought dad an electronic rooster. It sings the chicken dance and when you put your hands around its neck it makes choking noises.

Yes weird..i know
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Oh my..... That's a lot of money!!!! You're !!!!!!

It makes me think of a prank call by the Jerky's about Furby going crazy and saying "I'm going to spit acid in your eyes and blind you!" They call up Wal-Mart and the "furby" says all these crazy things, it's hillarious but not for the faint of heart.
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Originally Posted by calico2222 View Post
...are you sure you and my husband aren't related??
could be, or your just aganist fun things,
really dont you know, that studies have showen that play is how men bond with there kids? Most young kids responded to the sound of there father voice,the same why they did when playing.
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I have one of the fur-real friends or a similar type doggie. My dogs play with it all the time. The cats are freaked out by it!
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I want Butterscotch, the pony
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Both DH and I were previous married to spouses who had NO sense of humor. Not a nice partner
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