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Meet my new brother! Mr. Blue Eyes!

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I posted a couple of months ago about my Dad being converted to a cat person. Well this weekend I made a quick trip to see my Grandparents (Grandpa had some surgery) so Dad brought his cat down to see me. So far his name is still Mow. And Mow is definitely a BOY! (Dad and his GF first thought he was a girl, but he's a boy all right! Dad asked how I knew.... ) Anyway! Meet Mow!

Mow looks a lot like Noodles in some shots. I need to manually fix his red eye sometime... He's a big cat, about 16lb is my guess and he's just pretty large in height too. Even his paws are much bigger than my cats.

Naughty getting on Grandma's kitchen table, but sooo cute!

A good shot of his eyes. Notice how they are a bit bluer right around the pupil? I am sooo in love with him! (I cropped Dad out just to post this here. I don't think Dad goes for posting his picture on-line!)

In case anyone is wondering, I'll summarize the background story on Mow.

Mow came to my Dad through a co-worker. He showed up at their house about 8 months ago. The co-worker and his family did everything they knew for 6 months to find his owners. He's neutered and front-paw declawed. So he had to have belonged to someone at some point! He's also extremely friendly. If you pet him, he flops down for belly rubs!

So the co-worker had been keeping him in their garage and screened in breezeway. Well it was getting colder out, so they though it was time to find him a permanent home. (the co-worker had allergies) So he came to my Dad, who is more of a dog lover. Initially they thought he was a she. Dad said they've been calling him Mow so I think that's his name now. Initially it just came as a nickname while they were thinking of something. He's an awesome and HANDSOME man and oh I could have taken him home!!! He's a total sweetheart!

We don't know his background more than what I've already said. I've suggested when Dad vets him, having him micro-chipped and things.
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Ah he's beautiful I love grey cats, and he has beautiful eyes to...What a cutie
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What a beautiful darling! His eyes look gorgeous in the last picture with the lovely blue irises and dark outline
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What a handsome guy!! I've hardly ever see grey kitties with blue eyes ...quite unique
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He is such a gorgeous boy!
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What pretty eyes! He's so handsome!
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Mow is such a handsome cat! Love the beautiful coloring of his eyes
Those blue eyes compliment that gorgeous gray fur of his! Thank you for sharing Mows photos
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I can see why you would want to take Mow home with you.
He's a gorgeous big boy.
You Dad will now be a confirmed kitty lover forever.
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Oh good grief he's a beauty!! I love how he's holding onto your dad, awwwww
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I love big kitties! he's a big blue boy!
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Awww He's adorable
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You have a very handsome brother there. And those blue eyes are just gorgeous.
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Mow is just beautiful!!! Congrats on your new brother
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He is so handsome and I love his eyes!!
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Originally Posted by Rosiemac View Post
Oh good grief he's a beauty!! I love how he's holding onto your dad, awwwww
When I took that picture I looked at it on the camera and told Dad "Aw look! You can tell you both have blue eyes!" I think Dad rolled his eyes at me!

He's really attached to Dad. Dad left him at my Grandparents house with me when he went to pick up a pizza for dinner and as soon as he walked out of the house he sat right up with big eyes and ran to the closed door! I swear he looked like he wanted to say "He better be coming back for me!"
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Congratulations on your new brother. Mow is a very lovely boy!
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