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Yikes! Thankgiving Day Doggy Visitor

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I'm not sure if there's anything I can do about this.

I have to work the day after Thanksgiving, so instead of me going home, my sister and my mom are coming up here, I think for just the day. They live 2 hours away. This only became finalized yesterday.

My sister is bringing her dog with her (with my permission). I wouldn't let her, except my sister is working a double shift at her second job the day before, and if my sister comes without her, then that's even more time for her to be alone. Also, Jinx is a very needy dog. She, like any dog, just cannot be left alone for that long.

Jinx lives with 2 cats, so she's used to the species, though she and my kitties have never met. Jinxie is a Beagle(?)/Foxhound/etc. mix. She is medium sized, and about 50 lbs. She's a hyper and energetic dog, and used to getting the most attention.

My cats are not going to be happy about this at all. Possum has been around dogs before (dachshunds), but it takes some time for him to get used to new animals. I don't know if Loki has ever been around dogs in his life. I don't honestly know what his reaction will be, but I don't think it'll be good.

I have a small apartment, but it does have separate bedroom. Should I even try to introduce them all? Should I just put my boys in my bedroom for the day? Sometimes she antagonizes her kitty "brothers" but they are declawed (not my sister's doing). My boys have their claws!

It's not a tiny bedroom; it's a normal sized room, with a big window and a big closet they like to hang out in.

I feel so bad about all of this; like I'm a bad cat mommy and I'm choosing my sister's dog over my boys.

Can I get them ready for this in any way?

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It sounds like you are choosing your sister, which is sweet of you.

At my house if a new dog comes over (the guest's dogs or dog), the kitty gets to be out if she wants to be out and about. I let her choose. I have a baby gate up and a whole room for her, with her litter box, trees, toys, all of that. Most of the time all goes well and she chooses to be out and all is great. She has claws but her temperament is very social. She has liked every single dog and person she has met.

If the dog isn't good with cats (this happened once), or I see any problems at all between guest dog and my cat, kitty goes up for the visit to be safe and we go in there and play with her from time to time so she doesn't feel left out too much. Then the guest dog goes up or for a walk and kitty gets to come out during that time to cat around.

Just my two cents, your situation might be different if your kitties don't like visitors. In that case I would probably put them in a room where they are comfortable and run calming diffusers.
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I would leave the kitties in the bedroom. Then once things settle, see how they are & consider introducing them.
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Another thought, have your sister bring the dog crate.

For Thanksgiving, we will have our Zoey (18 mo DSH), my three dogs (82-105 lbs each), my son's rescued Blue Heeler and, hopefully, my daughter's new rescued Calico/tabby. The dogs will spend most of the day out and about, playing with Zoey (she is used to the Blue Heeler). I expect Harper to spend most of the time in my daughter's room, with some time out and about - she will be new to all of us and it will be kinder for her.

Christmas will interesting as we will travel to the city where my daughter goes to school. The dogs will be crated for longer periods of time (all 4 of them) and the cats separated. I hope we survive.
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Thanks for the advice so far!

Mom of 4 - I don't think my sister has a dog crate, so tht's out. Even if she did, I doubt it would fit into the sedan. Jinxie only used a kennel for about the first 6 months of her life with my sister, and now has the run of the house. I'm not sure if she got rid of it when they moved. Jinx uses a doggy seatbelt when in the car.

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