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I Finally Have My Own Website! Pics Of The Kittens In There!

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Well I finally have a website to show off my furbabies! It is no where near finished but it is a start! I have the kitten pics taken today on there so no more using billions of space on here to show you them hehehe! So from today on I will be posting pics on there so you guys can pop in to see them if you feel the need for a baby kitty fix!

I also got some photos from Louise of the cat show we went to last weekend so I will put those on the website also! What would I do without you Louise???

So come on in and let me know what you think (and if it's working okay!) :tounge2:

Welcome To Bundy's Web Site!
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Oppppps Sorry I forgot to ad the link before
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Awww those babies are gorgeous!
Great website! I cant wait til its finished so I can come back and look at those pictures more often!
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Wow! Nice site. The babies are adorable. I was kicking myself though because I was sitting there saying "But she posted that yesterday, they couldn't have been born today..." because I forgot you live in Australia, lol.

It's early and I have yet to consume a caffeinated beverage. :tounge2:
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Those pictures are really cute and your website seems to be working ok.
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I am in awe of your talent Missie! What a great site and I love the baby pics! I have added it to my favourites list!
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Looks good, Bundy. Wish that I could do something, like that.
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They all look so adorable!!
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They are absolutely adorable!
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Website's working great, Leslie! That's so cool!!!! It really looks good, and I love the back buttons. Love the pics even more. They're all gorgeous animals, Leslie. My favorite pic is of Tatyana with Amy while she's having the babies!

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AAAWWW!! Babies! I'm so jealous. They are adorable. It looks like Tat willbe a great auntie.
The babies are adorable, but I would just love to grab Harry up and snuggle him till he couldn't stand it any more. He is such a handsome lad!
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Awwww Thanks Guys! As always you are all so sweet and supportive!

Mum and Bubs are doing well!!!

NOW GUESS WHAT!!!!!!!!! :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2:

I am so proud of myself! hehehe (a little pat on the back) Pete helped me with the site and showed me what to do and now the poor boy is tucked up in bed fast asleep with the cats and I have been sitting here playing with the site and guess what!!!.........I did Tatyanas pages all by myself woo hoo!!!!!! It needs a bit of fixing up but it's on there now! I am so excited!!! Any way seeing as it is now 3.32am I think I had better go check on Amy and the babies, make sure she has plenty of food and water and that they are all snuggled and crawl into bed myself! Thank you again for all you kind comments! I am hoping to get more pic's of the babies tommorow! I don't want to disturb them but will do my best! and now that I know how to put up the photos just you all watch out!!!! Not only am I the Spam Queen (according to those who shall remain nameless) I am gonna be the photo queen again too! :tounge2:
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I couldn't get to Tatyana's photos. It said the page couldn't be displayed.
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real nice site. i liked the picture of harry, he looks like quite a character. I allso liked how tatyana was interested in the new arrivals. It all worked but i couldent get to the extra pictures of tatyana either. good work. wish i could do that.
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I couldn't bring up Tatyana's page either, but the others were very nice! Cute kittens!
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I also can't get into Tat's page
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Great kitten pics, but I couldn't get to Tat's pics, either.
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I just went back, and I could get Taty's pictures this time - she's lovely!
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Greetings fellow felines, this is Thomas Kat (haven't been around these parts for a while, found another alley that catered to my "different" needs LOL!)

As Bundy's advisory web master, I've gone through her cute little site and fixed a few things so that the Tatyana pages could be accessed. Apart from a few asthetic details all should be working.

Thanks for dropping by to check the site out - in case anyone missed it visit !!Welcome To Bundy's Web Page

Cheers and Meeeeoooowwww !!!

Thomas P. Kat

PS I know that it's bad form to use someone elses ID but in this case thought I should fix the link problem and let everyone know. Bundy is still in bed!!! What a waste of a Saturday morning
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I love it. Thanks for sharing.
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Okay I must have been tired! Thanks To Thomas for fixing it up! We have worked on it a bit more so now it looks even better! Thanks for your patience with my little project!

I have new pictures of the Babies so will get those up sometime today and let you all know when it's in!
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Beautiful site...wonderful work! Congratulations!!!!
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The site looks great Leslie! Perhaps you could put a link into your signature so we can pop in a see what's new anytime we see your posts? Just a thought. Those are some beautiful babies Amy brought home for you. And Tat is a gorgeous as ever...didn't you say she got 2nd kitten out of 55 kits?
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Thank You Thank You!!! *bows Humbly*

Thanks for the idea about putting the site in my sig! As you can see I have done it!! Yeah! (I hadn't thought about it before)

Tatyana did extreamly well at the show (as did Draco Louises baby) Tatty came 1st in the top 5 and 2nd in the top 10 in ring 1
then 3rd and 4th and a 10th as well!!! So cute!!! I posted the photos of her at the show on the site! Thanks to Louise we actually got photos of her! (I am a hopeless mummy)
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