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Friday DT

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Ahhh...but is it a much better day today.

My head still feels 'fuzzy' and I can feel a faint headache in the background but, it's not as bad as yesterday so...it's off to work I go!

I laughed last night when I thought back to the impression I must have given my co-workers. When I woke up yesterday, I was barely dragging my butt around. I finally succeeded in getting some decent looking clothes on but the kicker came when I looked in the mirror, was shocked at my appearance and decided "Who cares???" and went to work looking the way I did.

These are a few of the responses I got: One co-worker works right across the room from me. He was sitting at his desk, looked up, went back to doing what he was doing at looked up again...to make sure his eyes were not playing tricks on him. Then...he said "hi...." and went back to work. After a few minutes I went to the back (in the call centre) and went to see my friend. She was on the phone. She looked at me, forgot what she was saying on the phone and had to ask the other person to repeat themselves. Then...she pulled out a chair for me. Someone else said "Oh....my...God..." Needless to say, I did not look my best yesterday. (apparently my face was green..pretty image huh?)

Last night, I had a friend drop off some medecine for me. She stood in the doorway and laughed. It took her at least 2 minutes before she could say "How are you feeling now?" Ahhhh...the compassion from friends.

I came to this conclusion: You know you are REALLY sick when you get up in the morning,look in the mirror, see your appearance and decide "I really couldn't care less what I look like right now" and head out the door.

Today....I am going to attempt to make them forget what I looked like yesterday, although I doubt the image will ever fade from their memory.

It should not be too busy at work. My boss is out of town and some people are leaving at noon.

I'll probably be checking in here quite a bit today!!!!!

Have a great day. And I hope that those who were not feeling well or were having a crabby day yesterday have a much better one today!!!!
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Good morning all. I am in a better mood today.
I had this weirdest dream last night, about TCS. I dreamed that it was operated from a big building and Hissy moderated from upstairs and was like 'Big Brother' and she invited some people to go upstairs and when we did, all the moderators computers were on very high platforms and they had no way of getting down. Weird!
Then I was woken by Peedoodle licking my face (he does that every morning to wake me up -isnt that sweet of him?) Penka has also taken to licking my hair in the middle of the night - is this normal? I dont want her to get hairballs from me.
On Sunday we are off to see The Two Towers as it is in a nearby town and open captioned so we dont have to wait til it comes out on dvd! Yay!
I am going to cook curry tonight, I cant wait, I love the stuff!!!!!
I hope everyone has a wonderful day and its much better for everyone also. I guess yesterday was one of those 'blah' days.
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Well I'm not sick yet thank goodness! I went to bed early last night. I'm POD at Shawn. On the way to work this morning the oil light came on in the car. I stopped to check the oil and it was dry as a bone! I ask him every week to check the oil. He drives the car everyday for work. Why doesn't he understand that if you don't check it and put oil in it the car will get ruined! Oil is the life's blood of a car! No oil the car dies! I spent all my saved money to buy it. When I got it, it only had 76,000 miles on it. I looked at it this morning and it has 95,000 on it. I bought it in Sept.!!!!! He has put all those miles on it!
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YIkes thats a lot of mileage in such a short time!
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Yes it is. He travels to different towns. I wish he would quit driving to Portsmouth,Lima,and Waverly. They are an hour or more away from Columbus. He could stay in town and make just as much money! I need this car to last me a while. I used my CD's to purchase it. It's a Toyota Corolla. It should go till at least 200,000 miles if he would take care of it.
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TGIF! I am still crabby, but today I think it is because I didn't sleep last night and hubby was pushing all my buttons yesterday because he thought it was funny I was in a grumpy mood! I eventually sent him to the basement last night with orders not to show his face until bed time. About an hour after he was done there I hear a pitiful voice "Honey are you ok?". I think I growled at him.

Don't know what is up this weekend - my MIL may get out of the hospital, but maybe not - it is day by day for her.

I am fighting off an eye, nose and throat infections! I hate winter!

Hope everyone else has a good day!
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No real plans, for today. Bill was surprised, that Rowdy wasn't in the bathroom, this morning. When he got out to the Arizona room, she was sacked out, on the couch with the dogs. Too bad, he couldn't get a picture.

Of course, both cats were in bed with me, when I woke up.

Pearl got herself in deep kimchee, yesterday. Somebody had been digging, around a backyard tree. Using my brilliant powers of deduction, I decided that it was Pearl. (Her nose was covered with dirt and Ike's was clean). Bill shook his finger at her and said, "Bad puppy!" She jumped up and licked him. (Bill is very intimidating ) He got a hoe out of the shed, to scrape the dirt back and Pearl charged across the yard and climbed into my lap. Whenever she does something naughty and Bill shakes his finger at her, she comes to me.

Tomorrow, there's a free chocolate-tasting, at a high-dollar chocolate shop. Can't miss that. At $20/lb, though, I won't buy much.

Have a good weekend.
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Ghyslaine, glad you're feeling better!

And Nenners - also glad to hear you're not sick. The other part of the good news is that you've got the energy to GO GET HIM! That's inexcusable - especially as you remind him.

Kellye - LOL! And yes, I've read that many cats lick or attack people's hair. I have long hair, and when I lean down, they often try to play with it....

Ady - GRRRRRRRRR! Fortunately, I am in a good mood today. Yesterday was lemons. Hope there's some good news about your Grandma soon, and I sure hope you have a great weekend!

Cindy - have fun munching tomorrow!

I've been on here too long already this morning, and I'm going to have to actually go do some work this afternoon.

Remember I've been teaching Lazlo how to open the batho0om door? HE DID IT THIS MORNING WITH GARY WITH GARY WATCHING!
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Well, I went to work with Jake, helped him on the horse ranch, love the smell in the stalls - not the poop smell, but that other smell - Hissy, I am sure you know that smell, what is it? I could breathe it all day! Maybe its the hay.
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the smell of hay. aahhhh... that is a nice smell.

the smell of friday. aahhh.. even better... i have to work for a couple of hours tomorrow -- we have a drama workshop -- so it's pretty light duty. after that -- it's veg city!!
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