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My cat has been infected by FIP

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about one week ago, my cat seemed to have poor apetite, lethargic,swollen abdomen and he looked very lethargic so i took him to the vet. later, we found out that he has been infected by FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis) viral disease. i was told by the vet that there is no treatment that will cure this disease and usually an infected cat will die within 2 weeks. Has anyone experienced this before? is there any other ways to save my cat? is there any recommended diet that i should give to him so that my cat will get better soon?he's very close to me and this heartbreaking news has really made me worried.....hope to hear from you guys soon.....
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Please see the website here and know that sometimes this disease is diagnosed mistakenly because the vets don't know. There is no definitive test that says a cat has FIP and there is no cure.

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This is a very touchy subject for me...I am still questioning if I did the right thing. My "Kitty Girl' I raised her with a bottle, so we had a tight bond. She was about 9 months old. I noticed in January she was a little distant and moody. I thought maybe she was pissed cuz we got other cats. BUT then I noticed that she as not eating..losing weight, and just plain old looking bad. I took her to the vet,,he said it was an URI and prescribed antibiotic for her. In a few days her belly blew up and she waddled when she walked. She tried to use the litter box and nothing came out. She was suffering greatly.
On Valentines day in a horrible snowstorm I went back to the vets and i knew it was bad. He said it was FIP (wet) and there is no cure, so I took his advice and put her out of her misery. I did some research and found that if it is the dry version, they can survive with daily treatment. I would have done anything..but she was suffering. None of my other cats got sick..thats what I am questioning... I know its hard and you want your kitty to get better. I hope and pray you find a cure...please let us know what happens...wish you luck!
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